No Lactose, No Problem!

So I don't know how many of you know this... But I'm lactose intolerant.

I have never had cheesecake. I eat my ceral dry because that's how I grew up eating it. I have never had a milkshake or chocolate milk.

And stangley I don't mind most of those at all. In fact I prefer my cereal dry. I find the thought of a glass of milk gross. Now cheesecake I've always wanted to try but oh well..

Oh wait! we are forgetting about Ice Cream!

Nope. No Ice Ceam either.

What about soymilk or soymilk ice cream?


What?! Why Not!

I'm also sensitive/intolerant of soy..


Plus I think soymilk is disgusting..

Oh ok.

BUT I can have Almond milk which I love! and coconut milk based products like Ice Cream!!

However Coconut or Almond milk Ice Cream is expensive, like 5-6 bucks a pint on avergae. I'd get one every other month. But then Matthew refuses to eat it so we have to buy him regular Ice Cream which is another 4 bucks. 10 bucks for a treat is not cheap when your on our budget.

Until one day we remembered to try Lactaid Ice Cream. It's real milk so Matthew can't fuss over not liking coconut or almond milk. And it's 100% lactose free so I can actually have it! And did I mention it's only 4 dollars for 2 pints! yeah that's MUCH better..

Just look at all that deliciousness!!

Now we don't eat ice cream often since it is a fatty/sugary food and we are trying to build muscle and lose fat. So it's a once a month treat. And we are not shy when we get it. We eat the whole thing in one night :) It's actually our cheat treat meal for that week. Since we keep ourselves in a mild calorie deficit to lose fat having this big fatty, sugary treat ensures our body's that they are safe and don't need to store any fat. That way we don't plateau. Plus it's great to stay focused mentally and reset rather than derail from healthy eating.

Finicky Matthew (I swear he is a pickier eater than any picky horse I've ever known) LOVES it! I like it (even though it's not as sweet as coconut milk based ice cream) and the best part is I don't get sick from it at all! Plus the perks of getting more (2 pints vs 1 pint) for less money (4 dollars vs 6 dollar plus 4 dollars for regualr). It's unbeatable for us! :)

Did I mention how delicious it is???

Go try some! seriously!

No, seriously, go get some now....


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