Thursday, January 23, 2020

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I started out just blogging to keep track of my rides on a project pony. But it's turned into so much more!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

|| Best Ever Equestrian Advice ||

Came from a book of all places.

I didn't grow up with a plethora of riding coaches and parents who'd support my riding ambitions.
My parents preferred I was a casual weekend rider instead of a die hard equestrian determined to make a living from it. They got me lessons (at my begging) for a year to learn to ride. But it wasn't till I was 17 and was a working student that I could work for another year of lessons and show a few times.
Not exactly my idea of how I wanted my life to go. I never had a "home-barn". I never had a coach as close as a friend or even a fellow rider as a friend. I never fit in at any barn. I was always different. 
But with all that time I didn't spend taking extra lessons like other kids or showing every weekend like all the other teenage girls at the barn I learned a lot valuable lessons. I became self taught. And I got to read and ride. A lot.
Book after book I searched and searched for a method of horsemanship that worked. I learned quite a bit of many different methods but non that worked on all horses all the time.
But then I read the best piece of equestrian advice I ever heard.

"Do what works."

Of course this excludes abusive tactics and anything possibly harmful.

This advice catapulted my horsemanship to a deeper level. I was able to start thinking in terms of practical, personalized problem solving rather than "what would trainer so and so do?". I could think, ride, and train for myself.
I learned to take the time to learn the subtleties of each horses mind rather than treat them as a machine like some people do.
There is no one method to fix a problem or train a horse. It's up to you to perceive what is needed and adjust accordingly. 
Some horse respond well to natural horsemanship, others look at you like it's a joke. Some take the generic ques for certain gaits and movements, others prefer something totally different. 
They are individuals and certain things make sense to some and not to others.
Bottom line is Do What Works.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blond-est || Life Update || Home-Sick || Where to next?

Let's start with the hair.
Guys.. This is my favorite so far!
What do you all think?

Now, How's life?

Well, slightly stressful. 

Why's that?
Haha oh ya know... Just where I work is gonna close soon so I have to find a new job asap that pays well, is full-time, and has a set schedule. No biggie right?? 

I've had multiple breakdowns stressing over everything but Matthew's helping me stay positive. 

One of my not so great ways of dealing with stress is the urge to runaway. So at the moment I have an itch to ditch everything, pick up and move somewhere far away in the country.

Anyone watch Heartland? 

Matthew and I love it! I'm somewhere in season 6 I believe. No spoilers!
So, I was watching a few episodes of Heartland the other day and realized....  I'm Home-Sick. 
I had had this very particular feeling for a few years now but in the past 7 months it's been unbearable! I could never figure out exactly what it was though until I was watching Heartland the other day and it hit me! I'm Home-Sick! 
You see, I don't have a hometown or anything because I grew up moving around a lot. But I did grow up in the country with pastures, meadows, forests, mud, dirt, and rocks. Horses were always my world and at age 13 they became my reality.
Since Amber was sold I haven't ridden and between living in "not the country" and not riding I have felt so homesick that I can't even keep it together! (shame face).

Friday and Saturday I was in and out of emotional breakdowns and ended up talking it out with Matthew and telling him how I'm homesick and why I am and everything I just told you in the last paragraph. He was so sweet assuring me it would be ok and we'll make it happen soon.

So what now?

Today we went out for lunch and the subject came up again. We were on our way to my parents house for a family gathering and Matt saw the tears in my eyes. He parked the car and told me not to worry because in a few months or so he will get me a horse.
Me being me though immediately asks "But what about saving for a house?" 
He told me what I already had a feeling was true, that it would take longer than a year and I need a horse in the meantime.

Sorry this wasn't the most inspiring post. But I figured I'd let you guys know what's going on. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Comment below and let me know what you wanna hear about next time :)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Structure || For You And Your Horse

We all like freedom to do whatever we feel like whenever we feel like. But some structure is needed in order to make progress.