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Guest Post! || Blog Makeover || And Back to Brunette?

Hey guys,
So this week something really exciting happened! But first bear with me..

About a week ago I saw a post on Instagram by Stable & Spice. They were looking for inspirational stories from fitness minded equestrians. Right up my alley! Right? Well I almost talked myself out of reaching out to them. I figured they probably already had a plethora of DM's from girls with waaaay better stories than mine. But I took a chance and reached out to them anyways.

To my genuine surprise they were actually interested in my story. After giving a short summary of it they decided they wanted to use my story as a guest post. So I wrote up a draft and sent it over.

I can now proudly present to you Dedication Makes A Difference

I consider myself one of the many, many bloggers that are lost in the sea of blogs. My blog is by no means popular. I do not get 100k views a month. I can't make money off of it (yet). But I feel like this is a step in the right direction. Because I don't k…

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