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| Three Budget Dry Shampoos |

Dry Shampoo can be a useful tool to keep in your barn bag so you can freshen up your hair before heading back into society..

Hey Guys! 
We have possibly entered a new era here at The Gallop to Greatness Blog! I have recorded my first ever YouTube video where I actually talk face to face with the camera. (Scary!)
I CANNOT tell you how anxious this makes me!! But I finally did it. 
This Video features three budget friendly dry shampoos that I review. 
Why I chose dry Shampoos???
Because I like to extend the freshness of my hair with them when I either don't have time to wash my hair or don't want to have to wash it every day. Plus I had 3 laying around that I was familiar with.
So please watch and let me know what you think!

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