About Me

There are a lot of us that aren't just 'horse world broke' nah, we are 'real world broke'. And that means being on an "actual budget".

My name is Gabriela Medeiros. Most people call me Gaby though. Yes, only one B. However, I don't know why.

I grew up in a family that rode a financial roller coaster so to speak. But after 2007 it pretty much derailed. Nevertheless I managed to stay involved with horses.

I started riding late in life at the ripe old age of 13. Which means I nagged for 13 years until my parents finally caved into buying me lessons.

It's been a rough road. And it's far from over. My family lost it's main source of income a year after I got my first horse. But I learned to be very frugal and work hard to keep my horses!

We moved way too much growing up and I never had a real mentor so between that and not being loaded for a while I felt my dreams were shattered.

Now that I'm grown. Still not so sure about this whole adult thing though. I'm still determined to make this my profession even if I never "get rich".

I'm doing this to support other broke equestrians. I know I'm not alone and I want to build a supportive community for all us broke riders no matter what their goals are. We don't need money to be rich ;)


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