Meet The Horses


1994 Bay Half-Arab Gelding.

My first horse Win. Bay Half Arabian 14.3h gelding I owned from 2007-2015. 

He started life as a Dressage horse. I introduced him to jumping which he LOVED! He was a quirky horse to say the least and taught me a lot about how to really buck up when needed. But also how to discern when to call it quits.

He is enjoying life as a family horse just 30 minutes down the road from me.


Twist was a chestnut 1997 16.1hh Quarter horse mare of Leo lines. I owned her from 2007 till her death in 2015.

She had been moved across the country a few times, done hunter/jumper training, been a broodmare, and a pasture pet by the time she was 9 when I got her.

She started off very aloof, lazy, and a little playful under saddle. Oh and terrified of whips..

But after finally getting to know her she opened up to be a firey dragon even at 17 years old! She LOVED to jump and even enjoyed flatting and starting to learn some dressage moves.

Sadly she passed from colic.


Liver Chestnut Poa-Cross Pony. Blind in one eye.
Wes was a rescue pony I rode from March of 2015 - January of 2016. I never owned him, I was just bringing him along. He was adopted in January of 2016 and is now an emotional therapy pony.


1/4 Percheron 3/4 Quarter Horse Mare.
Amber belonged to a barnmate who decided that Amber is not the horse for her. I was riding and bringing Amber along for a few months or so since January 31st of 2016. As of September 2016 Amber was sold to be a private Mounted Patrol horse


Fancy is an 11 year old Appaloosa x Thoroughbred mare that I free leased from a good friend of mine for 9 months

Two Step

A.K.A. Goober or the Gooberrito as we call him now belongs to the owner of the barn I used to board at after his owner abandoned him there. He is a 10 year old Chestnut tatooed Thoroughbred.
He likes to weave and although not spooky he has a mind of his own. Oh and he aspires to be a giraffe. 
He has barely been ridden in at least 3 years so the goal for him is to get him supple so he can be a lesson horse. I also would like to see him put on some weight.

Tally or Angus

Angus as we call him is a 3 1/2 year old 16hh Clydesdale gelding.
His owner who has no experience brought him to the stable I used to board my mare at (The same place Goober is at) and hasn't seen him since. He neglects him and barely ever pays board. We are unsure what will happen but the barn owner asked me to play with him for now.
We are unsure of his past training if any but seems to have decent ground work or at least is sweet and smart enough to seem like it. I am starting him under saddle and he's doing super well. I did not expect to fall in love. I did not plan on wanting a personal horse for a while. But honestly, I really would love to have him. I hope we can work things out and take him under our wing.


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