My New Workout Routine! :)

So after finding out about Stephanie Davis (Austrian Fitness Model) on pinterest I'm more motivated than ever!

She is my height and my build. It's hard to find a fitness motivational model to look up too when they don't even remotely resemble you in any way. But we are built so similarly that I'm postitive I can achieve the same muscularity.

How she looks normally.

And with a full body pump on.

Her sample routine on was
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Back
Friday: Chest/Abs
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Shoulders
Which is perfect! Not only because its 5 days of work with 2 days of rest but because of how it's laid out. Your never working very similar muscle groups too close together.

I was doing 4 days a week like this:

Monday - Chest/Shoulders
Tuesday - Legs/Abs
Wednesday - Off
Thurday - Back/Bicep
Friday - Tricep/Abs
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off

It was laid out pretty well. But honestly felt like a fith day was very doable, I just wasn't sure how to incorperate it.

So I'm switching to her sample routine. I'm allowing myself one treat a week (probably a serving of ice cream lol) and I'm super motivated to stick to this and then re-evaluate it in 5 weeks or so and see if it makes a difference.

Anyone care to share their fitness goals? :)


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