Amazing Miss Amber Maybe a Tad Bi-Polar

Gosh the more I ride this mare, the more I like her. I mean yes she is quirky, but I tend to end up with the quirky ones.

After a grueling 6 days off becasue of being super busy and bad weather I finally got over to the barn to ride her on Friday.

I fully expected to die..

No, I'm not exaggerating..

And the funny thing is I was totally accepting of my punishment for neglecting her for 6 days. Even though it was out of my control, and I should not of felt guilty for not working on SOMEONE ELSES horse!

But I felt guilty anyways... silly me!

And I was accepting of however bad the ride may go..

But to my surprise Amber didn't seem mad at all. She stood still and calm in the cross ties. She stood still for me to get on. And walked around calm and relaxed.

Was this REALLY Amber?? The "problem mare"?? The one that "likes to throw riders"??

I looked down at her catching the corner of her eye with wonder. I think she caught sight of me in the corner of her eye and I swear she gave a smirk lol well maybe not a smirk but her expression was one of being happy, relaxed, and a tad sassy. The sass answered my question. It's her.

So after establishing that it was in fact Amber and not an alien disguised as her I pushed her into a trot. Would she speed away? Nope. Easy transition, relaxed gait, no grinding.

I decided to stick to a 40 minute walk/trot just to ease her back into work and because she was so good despite losing some balance on her bad side. I just didn't want to ask too much and ruin it.

Afterwords she was very kind in taking her treats (normally she takes them in a desperate manner and ends up with my whole hand in her mouth) and looked happy and proud of herself.

In behaving so well after 6 days off she answered some of my questions loud and CLEAR.

One of my questions was: Was she really so obstinate about behaving or did she just not like her owner? I mean she almost threw a pro-trainer off when he tried her.

Or was the barn owner right "Amber was the type to need hard work everyday in order to behave?"

The answer (from Amber). No! She was capable of behaving even after 6 days off. And by answering that she answered my first question with yes. She does not like her owner.

But then does that mean she likes me? Well she likes me well enough to try for me. And that's more than she's ever liked anyone else.

I swear this mare is awesome. She may take a few steps backwards but she never hits a wall. She just keeps climbing


So then naturally I was supicious she may just be waiting to kill me on Saturday..

And although she may not of killed me on Saturday she did spook quite a bit and throw some tantrums but she did back up better than ever and improved on her bad side towards the end of the ride.

So although it wasn't a great ride there was still something positive to take away from it.


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