A Fantastic Friday!!

So I found Ambers sale ad this week :( on craigslist :( Just made me feel a bit sad. I don't know how much time I have left with her..

Thursday she was pretty good. She seemed quite happy to see me and was eager yet patient while I groomed and tacked her up.

She started nicely, just a tad faster than usual but that's ok because she was fresh out of her stall. She slowed down after 5 minutes and was actually a bit lazy. Then I asked for the canter and she did about 12-20 strides each way (I lost track lol). She was a little more balanced than usual at the canter :)

Then we trotted some more. She got frustrated because she thought we were still going to canter but after a few minutes she understood and relaxed again.

Then we did circles each way. And she wasn't just better on her bad side but actually stepped through the outside rein!! :) :)

Ok, she did spook a little at the very end of the ride but other than that it was a great breakthrough of a ride.

Afterwards I changed into my gym clothes in the tack room and we got to the gym before I could even catch my breath lol.

We did Back and it was good. Although, Matt had some lower back pain so he had to try and stretch that out. It didn't improve much though. He had pinched a nerve in his lower back over 6 months ago from sitting in a bad position at the beach. My shoulder nerve acted up a little on one of the machines but it wasn't too bad just kinda weird. It's just a pinched nerve from an old car accident.

Matthew has been pretty chickened-out so we have been taking a small break from chicken. We saw some Tilapia on sale at the grocery store and decided to pick it up. Mind you, Matthew is one of the most finicky eaters I know.... Seriously, if he were a horse you'd have to feed him the sweetest feed for him to eat and only the freshest hay, treats would only be sugar cubes and apples no silly tasteless nuggets or old carrots for him.

So I held my breath for the best and cooked up the tilapia with a sweet & salty seasoning. And you know what.. He actually ate 1/2 a fillet. They were kinda big and he was still getting used to the texture and trying not to think about it being fish. So he was good and did eat some but it's still gonna be a little longer till he's comfortable with it. But hey at least he tried and came half-way. A year ago he would never of touched it. Two years ago he would of ran away from it.

Friday morning was AWESOME!

Amber was definitely happy too see me! She watched me intently until I came to get her out of her stall.

Under saddle at first Amber seemed like she was gonna be a pain. But then she was bending amazingly well on her bad side, and then totally surprised us by cantering around the entire arena both ways! And I can't stress enough how HUGE that is for her! She's never done that, ever.
And she was actually a little more balanced on her bad side this time :) :) And in between canters she was relaxed at the trot so I guess she understands the process now and isn't frustrated because we change gaits.

Granted she was a little speedy at the canter but not too much and listened to my half-halts enough to get us through the corners without totally falling apart. Plus she went the entire ride without one spook or tantrum :)

I was so stoked from such an amazing ride that I almost forgot my keycard to get into the gym. We did chest & abs. I was a little weak on chest cause my heart was still pounding from the ride but I actually felt my abs working which is hard for me because I have such a strong core I have to do A LOT to challenge it. And not much back pain so that's good :)

Oh! and I sold my first Dressage Duffle Bags!! Thank you to whoever bought them!! :)



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