Time To Distance

When I started riding the idea of a “bond” perpetuated my ideal of what I was looking for when horse shopping.

But as I grew in age and experience I realized that that wasn’t something that would necessarily happen right away. Sometimes you can simply look for other criteria and develop a bond or relationship over time.

To be honest, the last few years I haven’t even wanted a personal horse. I wanted an investment piece or a project.

But Angus or Tally as his owner named him changed that for me. From my first time working with him he reminded me of that 13 year old girl who thought picking out a horse was as simple as meeting them and then sparks would fly and a magical bond was made. I instantly felt familiar with him. Like if we’d been together for years and this was just another day seeing my good friend. By the second ride I let the barn owner know that I intended to adopt him.

But only a few days later he informed me that another rider would be riding him as well. This seemed like nothing to my husband. But I knew what he was doing. Maybe that’s cynical of me but it’s happened too many times to not be the case. People are devious. In the past I worked at a farm where I trained some of the horses in exchange for board. Then I could get a percentage on there sale. But they all managed to get “free leased”.... 

Nonetheless I was determined to show I would not back down. I was the one who started him when no one else would give him the time of day. I deserved an opportunity to adopt him.

Unfortunately though things with the owner and the barn owner are complicated and everything could go about 10 different ways. Maybe one of those ways ends with me adopting him.

So here I am. Wondering why I let myself get so attached as I cry from heartache knowing that yet again a horse I’ve come to love will slip through my fingers like Amber did. But I didn’t let this happen. It wasn’t something I went looking for. It really was that love at first ride kinda deal. Not something I could of planned for or avoided.

So why am I writing all this?

Please bear in mind this is all a bit personal and I also don't want to share too much of other peoples business.

Well, partly because it’s a release of my emotions. And partly because it solidifies my decision. I don’t like messy situations. I prefer clean cut, honest, and legally correct methods of doing things. Perhaps I’m a fool for allowing myself to get involved at all to “help a friend out”. But I can’t change the past.

I can however move forward. Gently letting things go and moving on with better options.


  1. It sounds like a super hard situation. But you're so strong and wise!

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  3. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜Š I know what you mean, I too met my "soul-horse" and knew from the first ride I wanted him to be my "forever horse." It took me several years; but in the end, he did become mine and I was blessed with 8 wonderful; if all too short years with him before colic stole him away from me.

    1. That's beautiful! I hope it works out for this guy to be in a better situation soon.


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