Lesson #6

I managed to get up early which has been quite a struggle lately. Had to make a pit stop because I was dumb and left my helmet at the other barn. And then I was finally ready to head an hour north for my lesson.

It was surprisingly fresh when we walked outside. The drop from 95+ degree days to only 84 as a high meant that at 7am it was only about 70 degrees or so which for Houston Texas is when everyone starts bringing out their jackets!

Once at the barn I groomed the grey mare I’d be riding while Matthew bonded with her haha. She wanted attention and he was there, so she made due..

The lesson itself was not my best to say the least. My instructor is great. But I did not do her justice. My legs were noisy, I couldn’t sit right, and even managed to lose a stirrup... Sometimes I wonder why I’m even trying lol. 

But hey at least I have some homework 

  • Sink weight in heels and close lower leg properly
  • Look up
  • Give with elbows, not shoulders


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