Trail Riding || Hacking || Playlist

I never had much opportunity to do a lot of trail riding
or hacking but hopefully I will have more opportunity in the future. At the very least I will find a way to make opportunities as often as possible. Trail rides are wonderful opportunities for both you and your horse to do something different, go on an adventure, be in nature, or even just wind down after a good ride.

It's always tons of fun to go with a friend or two or more! But sometimes your friends are busy. And sometimes you just need a quiet ride to think (or not think). It's when I'm by myself that I listen to music the most. Personally my favorite me-time-music is chillstep or melodic dubstep. It helps me relax and energizes me.

I realize that not everyone shares my taste in music but I figured I'd share some of my favorite me-time-tunes with everybody.

You can either listen start to finish or press shuffle to mix it up.

Let me know what you guys think! :)


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