The Perfect Lemonade

Perfect Lemonade
Ahh.. yes lemonade, probably the most refreshing summer drink there is. And everyone thinks lemonade is healthy. But.. Honestly, it usually isn't the best choice. It's usually very processed and at the very least full of refined sugar. Ew..
I'm not against sugar. Raw suagr in moderation is good. But refined white sugar has very bad effects on your body because of toxins left from the bleaching process.
The solution?
Well for one serving I take
  • 16oz of cold water
  • and the juice of one lemon
  • and add 1 packet of stevia.
  • Stir and enjoy.
You can use however much lemon juice, water, or sweetener (stevia or raw sugar are good. But stevia dissolves better) and adjust to your taste.
Water is the BEST way to hydrate. Lemon juice has plenty of health benefits too! And if you want to just have lemon water that's just as good but I like a touch of sweetness ;)


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