Taking Proper Care Of Your Face. Why? & How?

Taking Care Of Your Face..

I grew up a tom-boy, just another one of the guys. I was tougher than most of them and hated anything girly.

In many ways I remain exactly the same to this day.

But since those day of anti-pink, anti-makeup, and anti-skincare I have educated myself and smartened up a bit.

I grew up playing outside in the dirt. And I still love a good run through the mud. But just because I can rough through mud and horse manure doesn't mean I always have to look like a half deranged pooper scooper lol.

Sometimes especially when going on a hot hike or bathing a muddy horse you just have to bite the bullet and be proud of how bad you look.

But who says a tough hard working chick can't look gorgeous??

Now I'm not really talking makeup. Although makeup has it's place and it can be a lot of fun! In my opinion (and most guys will agree. just fyi) real beauty is when you just wake up, you don't have any makeup on and your skin is glowing. It's timeless. It is such a pure and inspiring look. Just the beauty of natural and healthy skin.

So how do we achieve this? Just not wear makeup?


But for most of us we have quite imperfect skin. Perhaps we have some redness or dark spots from skipping sunscreen and just going about our daily barn chores and rides or that hike, running, jogging, ect... Overtime the sun damage may have caught up to us.

Or maybe we have dry or oily skin? or fine lines (wrinkles by any other name are wrinkles. Young or old you will have a few).

Bottom line is you need to take care of your face. It's not a matter of "oh that's just for prissy girls". Tough girls who aren't afraid to get down and dirty need to do the same basic things.

And it all starts with

#1 Washing your face! Cleansing it of all the dirt, sweat, and grime of the day. Wash your face! This is the key to preventing breakouts! And always take your makeup off (if your wore it that day) before bed.

#2 Moisturize. Even if you have oily skin you shouldn't skip this step. There are moisturizers specifically designed for oily skin. For those of us with normal to dry skin this is something we may need to do twice a day. It is very important to do this after washing/cleansing your face because most face washes/cleansers will dry your face out a bit which is normal.

#3 Protect your precious skin. It is alive and breathing, it's a part of you. Protect it from the sun. Apply an SPF. If you plan on being outside or sweating in the gym I suggest something water resistant. Use something appropriate for your skin. If you burn super easy there are powders and creams with an SPF of 55+ If you aren't going to be exposed to the sun much there are plenty of products with an SPF of 15 or so. Using an appropriate SPF product is vital to preventing further damage and aging faster than you need to.

#4 Repair your skin. Yes you can repair the damage you already have. A lot of girls use products that only cover up their imperfections. I always was against facial products because I didn't agree with hiding what you really are. But there are SO Many products now that may help conceal your imperfections immediately but will also over time heal or at least diminish your imperfections so that your skin will look better even without makeup. Many of these have vitamins and minerals to reduce redness and dark spots, and retinols to reduce fine lines. Using products that help repair your skin is vital to feeling and looking better in your own skin. Who doesn't want that??

Notice the difference of how my skin looks before I started implementing these basic skincare steps vs after in the photo above at the top of the page.
You see how red and uneven my skin was just a year or less ago vs now?
These steps really do work!


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