Row Exercises for Equestrians. And Why You Need To Do Them.

Compound Row for better posture in the saddle..

A much overlooked part of the body to workout is the back. We understand the importance of a top line or back muscles on a horse but what about our back muscles?
When we ride a halt what do we do? We shift our weight back. When we are trying to gain control of a hot horse? We shift our weight back while maintaining rein pressure. How many times do we here our coach say "Shoulders back!"? What keeps our shoulders back? Our back muscles.
Our back muscles play a vital role in all of those scenarios and more!
Just standing straight all day requires back muscles that can take the strain. Or what about Back pain while riding or even just standing? Developing back muscle will help take the pressure off your nerves and give you more strength for your body to rely on.
This exercise is one of my go-to exercises for developing my back muscles and has been one of the keys to improving my posture and control in and out of the saddle.

You can view a Tutorial for it here: Cable Rows

While our core muscles do play a HUGE role in developing a good balanced seat our back muscles should not be overlooked because they balance out our core muscles. A strong core without a strong back will leave you with back pain.
I hope this helps your riding and prevents or helps keep any back pain you may have in check :)


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