Lesson #3 From Aug. 2, 2018

After a week of feeling like absolute crud Sunday morning came. All week I had been tired, hungry, no appetite, with aches and pains. I have no reason. I got plenty of sleep. Ate good food. Listened to my body. Got rest. Really not much reason other than my time of the month. But that doesn’t really account for my arthritis acting up.

Well it doesn’t really matter anyway, life goes on!

Sunday morning had arrived and I was looking forward to my lesson. I was happy to be able to ride a different mare. I love most mares. Luna, a very made dressage horse. 

Her grey flea bitten coat reminded me of my first ride ever. It was a trail ride in south Florida on a grey flea bitten Arab mare named Mocha.

Today felt like I was at day one again though. My brain was in a fog. My body was even less coordinated than usual. Even my instructor picked up on my blundering about.

Despite being 25 I felt like a kid on their first day at a new barn or school again. I’m not sure if that happens to other adults but it’s something I feel often. To be honest it’s embarrassing.

But I was happy to finally get on and get in the arena. I was warned that she usually spooks walking to the arena or making a canter transition. But so far so good. I lengthened my stirrups and walked her about. Aaaand then had to lengthen them more because I was still managing to pinch with my knees. I have a long way to go still on that haha.

This mare was an even bigger test of leg strength and stamina than the last. I had to pick up a crop for emphasis. She had lovely gaits though! I really enjoyed her movement. 

The geldings in the paddock nearby decided they needed a mud bath pronto and made quick work of their water trough to succeed in their goal. Luna looked at them a little but still no spooking.

Today my instructor got to see how bad my depth and spatial perception really is. My brain couldn’t find the quarter line. Especially in one corner. It was embarrassing but I kept at it till we could at least see “some” improvement.

Alas she spooked towards the end of the lesson during our canter work. Initially at a noise but it wasn’t too bad.

On the way home Matthew and I got some iced coffees and jotted down some lesson notes.

  • Remember hands up and legs back.
  • Don’t get behind the motion
  • Don’t pinch with my knees
  • Keep working on engaging my core
  • And look up!

Clearly I’m still a project lol but I have a lesson again this Sunday and hopefully my body and head feel better and I can ride better.


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