Equestrian Style Game Day


That is the epitome of equestrian style. From the polished leather boots to the high collar white shirts. Sophistication is our holy grail. So what if some of struggle walking with our own two feet without numbing into everything. And we’ll just ignore the red sweaty faces and the helmet hair. Because when we aren’t panting from carrying all our tack up hill or chasing a runaway horse our sport inspires high end fashion designers and strikes awe into onlookers. Shhh don’t tell them how clumsy the horses are. Let them see us as elegant masters of our art. *steps in poo whilst monologing*.

For certain we are a rare and striking breed. We have an interesting taste for the finer things while handling thousand pound toddlers that poop in their water buckets.

I grew up in an “intellectual” family. We didn’t do sports. I mean sure we occasionally kicked a ball around but never knew the rules to anything or followed any sports. Fast forward to now and you will see I’m still no expert but since marrying a sports-aholic I have picked up some stuff and gotten a bit educated on it.

So yesterday the Patriots played the Steelers. My husband and his family are patriots fans and so is my grandfather so I easily became one too. Naturally we needed food to watch the game. Now most people follow the traditional game day foods such as burgers, wings, nachos, etc... But Matthew married an equestrian... Dont get me wrong, I love that stuff. But I have a knack for well... a slightly more sophisticated version..

Behold #EquestrianStyleGameDayFood

We got some gourmet meats and hard goat and cheddar cheeses to go on crackers. Paired that with a Moscato and a Pinot Grigio wine and finished it with candied pecans.


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