2018 Goals

I'm not sure where 2017 went. Especially since September. But now it's time to move on to 2018.

I decided to share my 10 Goals for the 2018 year. Some of them are a little silly so bear with me ok :)

  • #1

Is actually to get back on a personal development routine. Basically lots of reading lol. Whether it's history, fiction, the bible. I need to keep my mind active and work on bettering myself.

  • #2

SAVE $$$$. Well at least save as much money as I can. Having a dedicated savings quota to meet every month.

  • #3

Keep the apartment tidy. Yep.. It's real exciting isn't it.. I know we all get behind but I feel like I get so far behind I'm actually walking backwards. That doesn't even make sense! And that should tell you everything you need to know about how behind I get on chores. But, my horse and tack are spotless!!

  • #4

Get Fancy Fit. I know I've probably been saying this for months. That's why #3 (above) is so important! But I want to get her fit enough so that we can have a 45-60 minute ride with lots of cantering and she doesn't die!!

  • #5

How appropriate that #5 is to put on 5lbs of muscle or more haha!

  • #6

Lose enough fat to have abs lol it would be a dream come true!

  • #7

Start taking riding lessons again. Yes this will effect #2 but it is worth it!

  • #8

Start doing small shows. Well more like 2 schooling shows because #7 is already going to hurt #2 so much.

  • #9

BETTER CONTENT!! I am so sorry my content on here isn't what it should be. I need to show you guys workouts, discuss riding, and give you guys information you want/need to hear!

  • #10

This one is really embarrassing actually.
Start driving again. Ok, ok.. I know "what do you mean you don't drive??". No, I currently do not because I literally have a panic/anxiety attack every single time  I go to. Yes, I used to drive before but it was no picnic then either. Between busier city streets than before and my anxiety getting worse I have not been driving for a while. But I need to. I want to. My anxiety does not want to. But I can win. It just takes a lot of effort. It's exhausting. But I want to try. 


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