July Favorites!

Welcome to my first "favorites" blog post!

Where to start is the question???

Well let's start with Monsieur Lenovo..

I have always wanted my own computer. My family always promised me one growing up but families promises rarely ever hold up. I was given a handmedown glitchy laptop that had been through a bad car accident and that's what I've been blogging off of till now. I'm very proud to of payed for this computer myself and earned something that isn't falling apart.
I've only had this guy a month so I still have lost of learning to do (so busy though!). But it's a nice lightweight little thing that has plenty of power to do basic video edits and multi tasking. Really is a great deal on a convertible touch screen for only $630.00. I got mine at Best Buy on sale.

Next would have to be my recent obsession with Earl Grey Tea. My dad always loved this stuff but I never fully grasped its glory till now. I was a hard core black tea kinda girl. However I tried some at a local cafe and fell in LOVE.
Now I don't know if you guys remember but I'm off coffee as a daily drink (still good as a treat though) because it's so strong in caffeine and caffeine is a really bad irritant to those of us with digestive issues. I've recently, and rather disappointedly discovered that black tea is also very irritating to my tummy because of the caffeine. So I'm forced to opt for decaf at tea time. My life is over! Or so I thought... but then I remembered the subtle beauty of earl grey. I had to have it! So I picked up some in decaf and let's just say I'm in heaven...

On the subject of tea.. check out this FREAKING ADORABLE little, well not so little mug.

4 bucks at Ross. You just can't beat that!
I saw it and it spoke to me... Guys I've been "the crazy cat lady" since I was like 9 years old. Sadly, no, I'm not joking. Literally I used to sit outside with all 15 of my cousins cats cuddled up to me for hours at a time. I'm surprised my parents weren't concerned about this behavior... Tragically, Matthew is very allergic so my precious kitties have to stay with my family. Trust me, if it wasn't for Matthews allergy I'd have a barn full.

Barns! That reminds me... So my friend is going to let me ride her sporthorse once or twice a week but all she has is western tack. I have all my English tack but the only size girth I have is a 54" which is HUGE! This mare is like a 48-50. So I hoped on Amazon (guilty pleasure) and found this baby for 30 bucks!

It's not high quality. But this little Ovation girth will do the trick nicely to ride my friends horse 1-2 times a week :)

Another favorite of mine this past month has definitely been Biolage Keratin Dose Shampoo and Conditioner.

I decided to try it because it's what my mom uses and my mom has like zero split ends! I on the other hand have always struggled with split ends :( even before going blonde. Surprisingly, going blonde did not make it worse, so there's that.
This shampoo and conditioner is safe for blondes, I even double checked with the manufacturer. It hasn't given my hair any brassiness at all! Which is impressive. And it actually does what it's supposed to. It's not a miracle or anything. I mean only a good regime over time will eliminate a split end issue. But my hair is definitely improved in softness and strength although it's been a bit flat but that could be anything from stress to too much conditioner.

And speaking of shower products, here's a bath product.

I haven't had a "bath" since I was a little kid. But Matt insisted I try one to make me feel better. I had been so achey for days! So I gave in. For like 6 bucks at bed bath and beyond you can get a bath bomb. I. Am. In. Love. With the smell of this one! I have a bad sense of smell but it smells like a snowy day to me and I love that!! I should get the fragrance.

Oh and how could I forget!
Guys I am suuuuper late to the beauty blender game. It's tragic. But I finally decided to try em since my cheapo brushes were literally shedding all over my face. So I went and got two for 5 bucks at Ross.

Can I just say, these things are magic! When I first used them I was like "What dark magic is this?!" It's PERFECT absolutely perfect application!!

Ok and last but not least are my all time favorite gym shoes!

They are the Nike Juvenate in Olive. And Oh. My. Gawd. They are phenomenal! These are by far the best, most well balanced shoes for me. Especially in the gym. They are just so, so comfy!! I definitely recommend. Although your feet may be different and have different needs and not like them.
Can we just talk about the color though... I mean it's gorgeous! Neutrals are kinda my thing. I obviously have a thing for grey. I also love navy, olive, brown leather, burgundy, and any subtle and sophisticated color.

Well that's all my July Favorites! Please drop a comment if you want an August Faves :)


  1. I love bath bombs. I wish they were cheaper though so I could use them more often. I really like the ones from LUSH.

    1. Oooo I shall have to try those! But yeah I may just buy in bulk on Amazon to save some money haha


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