Grooming on a Budget: Detangler Recipe

Have you seen the prices of detanglers?!?

On average 10-30 dollars a bottle! Why even bother?

Why detangler is a good product to have on hand?
Put simply because it allows you to brush through your horses mane and tail quickly without breaking the hair. It is the key to soft thick tails and pliable manes.

But when you HAVE to save every penny you can you may just opt out of it so you can afford your farrier bill.

So here is an easy recipe to save pennies on the dollar. It's not fancy but it will do the job. All you need is a dollar spray bottle from the dollar store and "el cheapo" 2 dollar generic conditioner form Walmart in the scent of your choice. Total cost 3 dollars plus tax.

Basic Recipe

1-2 Tbs Conditioner
Fill rest was spray bottle with water and shake well before each use.


Add or replace with 1-2 Tbs Coconut oil (But it can be pricey. Anywhere from 4-12 bucks a jar usually).

Replace conditioner with coconut oil and add your choice of essential oil(s). Essential Oils can be pricey too at about the same price or more than coconut oil but they offer many therapeutic benefits!


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