Romanian Deadlifts For A Stronger Two-Point

Learning the Two-Point is one of the biggest struggles for most riders just starting out. We've all been there. You have it for a second or two and then plop back in the saddle. You go around the arena bouncing between a two-point and just leaning forward. You have to use your hands for balance. It's a very awkward time for all of us.

But even the masters of two point have room to improve. After all riding is an ongoing process of never ending learning and development.

The two point is tricky because it's not a position we normally use. That makes it awkward for a beginner and prone to mishaps for everyone. We all have times where we got too low, forward, or even weak. If it were as simple as standing up like you do from a chair it would be easy. It would be a comfortable movement that are bodies are accustomed to and have developed strength for because we do it a lot. But a two point is different. Very different.

A lot of us just lack the strength and muscle memory for good balanced form. 

Sure we could just exercise our legs and hope it helps. It probably will. But why not utilize an exercise that not only strengthens the proper muscle group but also mimics the posture needed. This would help our bodies to develop a muscle memory so to speak. A much stronger muscle memory than just practicing a two point alone

In a Romanian Deadlift you not only strengthen your lower body muscles but you also use the "fold at the hips, shoulders back and down, butt out" two-point-esque (yes I made a new word lol) position that doesn't get used unless we're riding.

 Adding this exercise to your routine will improve your Two-Point Strength and Balance!

Here's a tutorial on how to do them: Tutorial On Romanian Deadlift

Remember you can use a barbell or dumbbells.


  1. Definitely something I should spend more time cobsidering: how can I make each exercise I do in my workouts impact my riding more beneficially?

    1. This was a fantastic question! Did you get my email response?


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