~ Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Tenders ~

Here is a fun and easy recipe that is not only delicious but very healthy too. And gluten free too. Which is a big bonus for anyone that needs or prefers to not eat gluten.

Every ingredient is healthy. Seriously though, chicken and eggs are protein packed and low in fat. Gluten free flour adds some carbs for energy without the stomachache of regular flour. Tumeric is famous for it's anti inflammatory properties. Coconut oil and himalayan salt are also well known for a multitude of health benefits. 

You will need...
Chicken breast 
All purpose gluten free flour
Himalayan salt
Italian seasoning
An egg
Coconut flour


First slice your chicken (however much you wish to make) into think 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick pieces. The thinner you make them the faster they cook.

Then in one bowl beat an egg (or more if your making more than one breast of chicken. Usually it's about one egg per chicken breast). In a separate bowl put 1/4 cup of flour per chicken breast and add tumeric, himalayan salt, and italian seasoning to your taste (usually 1/4 tsp of tumeric per 1/4 cup of flour is best) and stir the seasonings in the flour.

Spread enough coconut oil to cover the bottom in a frying pan on medium heat.
Take a strip of chicken and dip it in the beaten eggs then dip it in the flour mixture. Next, place in in the frying pan and brown it on each side until fully cooked.


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