Two Horse Hair Loss Hacks!

This first hack I learned from an old farrier. And even though I didn't like him or his work I did like this useful tip.

Horses usually don't struggle with bald spots but blanket rubs, kick marks, bite marks, anything really that leaves a bald spot looks terrible. Especially if you plan on entering the show ring soon. I mean how long does it take for it to grow back??

Well.. With a little help.. About 3 days.

Here's what you need.

You can get it at your local grocery store.

Just spray it generously on the bald patch every day and viola! Let there be hair!

I tried this on my gelding about 5 years ago after he got some nasty bite marks and in 3 days there was hair again.

Please be careful when introducing hairspray to your horse!
It may surprise them. My gelding spooked at first but it's not too different from fly spray so it didn't take more than a few uses before he was used to it.

Hack number two!
This one I learned from Ms. FitChick on google+ you can find her here Ms. FitChick go ahead and give her a follow please :)

She shared with me that she uses Coconut Oil for a horse's hair loss or even just a thin mane or tail and that it brings the hair back in record time!

You can find Coconut Oil at just about any grocery store nowadays :)

Ms. FitChick said that she usually doesn't have to use a whole lot since it's so oily anyways. So just use your own judgement.
For the mane and tail she said to rub it in at the base of the mane/tail and that there is no need to wash it out since it's natural and nourishing.
She said she usually puts it on once a day till she see's the hair starting to grow back. Then twice a week. Then once a week. She said it works within weeks but for the mane/tail take longer.


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