Standing The Test Of Time..

So I got a compliment I feel pretty good about this week from Snugg's owner (Snugg's is the most adorable little grey OTTB filly even though she is spoiled and lazy). After seeing me ride Amber she said and I quote "I'm just amazed at how well she's doing, she's so relaxed!". That made me feel good considering it's coming from a lady that was accepted 3 times to an equestrian college team back in her youth.

Sunday Amber was fine. She had some attitude but ended up cantering good down the entire long side of the arena! Which is more than she's ever done.

On a sad note.. Ambers owner wants me to get pictures of Amber being ridden. Why is this sad? Because it more than likely means her owner wants to sell her. I'm praying she gets a new owner that really knows what they are doing...

Oh! And our hot water heater was broken! I had been sticking just my head in the freezing shower and doing my hair quickly every few days. And the rest of me got a sponge bath (shame face) because I thought I could cold shower but I just can't... The land lord FINALLY got a new water heater yesterday!

Monday was leg day! Yes I do leg day on Mondays.... Might as well get them both out of the way right?!? It was a good workout. I was surprisingly much more shaky than normal. I could barely stand afterwords so #legdaydoneright I guess :)

Tuesday morning Matthew and I got up bright and early at 5am. Matthew had to be to work extra early in order to leave early so we could go to a concert.

A concert? (you may ask)

Yes! We went to see Mutemath. It was Awesome!

I was actually really nervous about it because if your at all familiar with MBTI (Myer Briggs Personality Types) I'm an INTJ type (rarest type for a girl, equivilent to a unicorn, so yes, I'm a unicorn lol). INTJ stands for Introverted, Inuitive, Thinking, Judging. 'Introverted' means that I am exausted by social situations. 'Intuitive' means I take things in subconsciencly. 'Thinking' means I make my decisions based on how logical they are. And 'Judging' just means I need conclusions and don't like leaving things open-ended.

In short all this translates to the fact that I find going to a concert a daunting task. I want to enjoy it but am very annoyed by other people and it can be a bit of a sensory overload.

However I really ended up enjoying it A LOT more than I expected and had a great time even though my legs were sore from Monday and my chest was sore from my 8am workout of 110 Push-ups the morning of the concert.

The next day all the girls in my family got together to cook, enjoy lunch together, and plan our next family lunch. Next month I'm gonna come up with a recipe for Baked Gluten free Apple Pie Dumplings that I will bring to our next 'Pot Sticker' themed family lunch. Hopefully I can make it work considering I'm not a good cook :/

Now today I was nervous for my ride on Amber since she had 4 days off! Yes 4 whole days.... :/ It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. But it really couldn't be helped. We had unexpected bills so gas money was low. Life, living is expensive, being an equestrian can get pretty darn pricey, and being on a low budget on top of that isn't fun. But we make the best of it and hold our heads up as high as we can.

But despite having so much time off Amber was awesome! She tried to bend on her bad side for me even though she hates it. She didn't speed trot around the arena. She was actually kind of slow and didn't even spook once! She even had smooth canter transitions!

So overall I actually like that she had so much time off because it was like a test of my horsemanship. If I hadn't done my job correctly then she would not of retained much of anything. But she retained EVERYTHING so I did my job right :) You could say my horsemanship stood the test of time haha.

Here are some pictures of Amber today, sorry they aren't very good quality, I'm working on that I promise.

Here at the walk. I don't know if you can see it but she is calm and has an ear back to listen to me.

Here at the trot she is clearly not speeding off and is remaining relaxed.

And then at the canter. Even though she isn't very balanced this is good for her because it was a smooth transition and she is calm, listening to me (with an ear back on me), and not speeding off. She was actually kind of slow lol.


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