Back Home & Back In The Saddle

This past month was hectic to say the least. Finally moved in to the new apartment but still not quite organized again. We went on our trip to Rhode Island and it was gorgeous as usual.

Few things compare with sitting silently in silence and immersing yourself in nature's rhythm.

 Reading a book on the gloomy beach was the perfect day for me. It felt like I was finally at peace. Others were concerned about the 12 foot waves. Some where scrambling to make the best of the high swells. I honestly couldn't be bothered by any of it. Yes, I watched the waves and took video. I can't post the video though because I don't have permission from people that are in it :(

But for me it was more like peering into the dynamic energy of it all and feeling the power in the air rather than seeing it as a toy to have fun with. Perhaps I'm just to up tight to have that much fun. But I respect nature with admiration rather than terror.

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit more poetic than I have been??? lol I'm getting the urge to write again. But what should I write? Poetry or Fiction? And what about? Horses or non horse stuff? Fantasy or more realistic? Mystery? Drama? Someone help me!....

At last my long awaited return to regular riding has come! I've been horseless for about a year and now I finally have a free lease with this lovely mare Fancy

I have to say, I don't think she was very fond of me to start with. She wouldn't give me the time of day for the first week. But she is slowly coming around and comes up to me when she see's me. The carrots may have had something to do with it....

Like I said at first she didn't pay attention to me at all and didn't focus on me or my que's. But after some lunging and one ride she is more attentive to me. Please pardon more horrific equitation *face palm* that chair seat has got to go! 

I'm actually happy with where we are at despite us both being totally out of practice. It felt like more of a mess than it looks.


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