Equestrian Fitness || Ideas!

Fitness is a need in the equestrian world. In recent years the world in general has seen a "fitness boom". Unlike many other fads, I welcome this one. It's about time we all start caring for our health. It's especially needed for equestrians. Why? Because we communicate with 1200lb animals using our muscles. And it gets a whole lot more complex than "kick and turn". When even the slightest shift in weight can mean the difference between a balanced jump or disaster. And not having the strength to maintain proper equitation means riding less effectively and thus having little to no control when things go wrong. Our streangth can mean the difference between a near miss and a bad fall.

But strength is more than just working out. It has to be fueled. Nutrition is just as important if not more! Without eating right or eating enough you will feel sluggish and not ride effectively or even enjoy it. If you "forgot to eat" then your muscles are already depleted and can't function properly not to mention your mood swings.

It's lovely to see Riders of all shapes and sizes and disciplines realizing they need to eat right and workout!
When I first realized I wanted to be healthier and fitter I didn't know how. We are all always learning and improving. Just like we are never done learning what horses have to teach us, we are never done improving ourselves.
That's why I want to start a community we can all rely on for support, advice, and help.

So now I ask all of you

Do you want to become fitter?
Ride better?
Feel stronger and comfortable in your own skin? 

Have more energy and less pain?

Then tell me how I can help!

Would you like a private Facebook group or Google+ community?
Personal email correspondence? 

Workout plans?

Nutrition outlines? 

Ride Design? 

Workout plans for your horse?

Tell me your ideas!