Deltoid/Shoulder Exercises For Better Posture In And Out Of The Saddle

Deltoids? What are those?
They are an often overlooked muscle group in equestrian pursuits. We always talk about our core, our legs, and posture. But to get good posture we need a body that is strong enough to carry itself properly not just when riding but on our own two feet too.
I've talked about how important back muscles are for this and shown you how to work them with the compound row exercise. But today I want to expound on that a little and show you how important your shoulders can be..

The muscles shown here are what I'm talking about. They are your rear deltoids. And they can mean the difference between having hunched forward or rounded shoulders or perfect posture and better equitation.

Every time your coach or riding instructor or even your mother tells you "Shoulders Back!" These are the muscles we use to do that. If we had stronger muscles it would be easier to keep them back because our body would be accustomed to it. In essence I'm talking about changing the way your body carries itself 24/7 due to different muscle tone.

So here are some videos showing a few ways we can strengthen these muscles.

I highly suggest doing a Shoulder/Deltoid Routine once a week to increase their strength and help you sit up a little taller :)
Once these muscles are strengthened you will have better posture and reap the benefits of more effective riding!
Trust me. Do those once or twice a week and in a few short months you will feel the difference!

Also make sure you are challenging your muscles with the weight you use. Don't just do what's easy. You want to be able to do each movement 6-12 times in a row but it should be challenging enough that you literally can't do more than that. Then repeat 3-4 times.
So for example do the first exercise for 10 reps. Rest a few seconds then do another set of 10. Rest. And do another set. Then do the same with the second exercise.

I hope you guys enjoy this :)


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