Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Post! || Blog Makeover || And Back to Brunette?

Hey guys,
So this week something really exciting happened! But first bear with me..

About a week ago I saw a post on Instagram by Stable & Spice. They were looking for inspirational stories from fitness minded equestrians. Right up my alley! Right? Well I almost talked myself out of reaching out to them. I figured they probably already had a plethora of DM's from girls with waaaay better stories than mine. But I took a chance and reached out to them anyways.

To my genuine surprise they were actually interested in my story. After giving a short summary of it they decided they wanted to use my story as a guest post. So I wrote up a draft and sent it over.

I can now proudly present to you Dedication Makes A Difference

I consider myself one of the many, many bloggers that are lost in the sea of blogs. My blog is by no means popular. I do not get 100k views a month. I can't make money off of it (yet). But I feel like this is a step in the right direction. Because I don't know about you guys, but any line of work in the equine industry sounds a heck of a lot better than anything else!

Blog Makeover

As some of you may already know I started a new blog Dead Broke Equestrian it's geared more specifically towards equestrians on a REAL budget. I do keep this blog VERY budget friendly but I felt there was a need for something just about saving money as an equestrian.

As I was setting the new blog up I realized this one needs a major makeover. And I don't mean just changing the background image. So I'm going to restructure it so it's more appealing and easier to use. I want this blog to be useful, not just a compilation of random stories.

So prepare yourselves to see a much different blog. And hopefully it glow's up just right :)

Back to Brunette?

I never ever disliked being a brunette. I LOVED it! I absolutely love my natural hair color. In fact I swore I'd never dye it.

So why on earth did I go blonde?

Honestly, I was curious. Much like when I chopped all my hair off (MISTAKE). I was just curious. I wanted to know if I could pull it off? How it felt? Mainly, if I'd like it?

Unlike the short hair that I detested (soooo not for me!) going blonde was actually refreshing. I really enjoyed it. It was exciting and new! And I felt it brightened up my face.

But I'm starting to miss my all brown hair. It's something I always identified with. I was always the girl with brown hair. The color reminded me of deep chestnut. I love how it always brought that to mind.

So the question is do I stay blonde? Or do I go brunette?

It's such a tough question to answer. I really like both!


  • It brightens up my face
  • It's already done
  • It's fun to play with the tones
  • My hair stays pretty healthy
  • I love how different it can be/look (even though a lot of girls have ombre or whatever)


  • It easily gets brassy
  • It does have to be kept up with by going to salon to get it toned
  • It is easier to damage
  • Sometimes I feel like it's not the real me (I know that's silly)

  • I love the natural tone(s) of it
  • It always reminds me of a deep chestnut horse (also silly)
  • zero color maintenance
  • Wont damage as easily

  • Once I go back I will probably never go blonde again
  • Sometimes it makes me look even paler (but I am pale so whatever)
  • Not entirely sure if I'm ready to go back
My main hair goal is to grow my hair and have healthy super long hair. Like I said going blonde hasn't damaged my hair. I was always prone to split ends. But being/going blonde definitely doesn't help my hair. I've noticed it is a bit easier to damage it. But again that's not saying to much because I've always been pretty prone to split ends.

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Equestri-Fit Week 5 and 6 || Rough Times

Sunday was great because my aunt and uncle got back in town from Nevada. They had been there for 4+ months! So we got to go see them and have dinner with the WHOLE family!
So naturally I ate way more than I should of but that's ok, cheat/refeed day number one is done!
I had a protein pancake for breakfast, rotisserie chicken and crackers for lunch, some snacks of course, and the family dinner was veggies, pork butt (lol), and baked beans!
I did FINALLY get my butt to the gym before the family dinner though! I was dead set on a hard workout of squats and deadlifts despite feeling weak as crap.. I don't know about you guys but I kinda lose my mind if I don't stay on top of my gym routine. Like I literally start seeing myself with a flat butt even though the measurements stay the same. I have to remind myself that it's all in my head.. So I did do squats and Romanian deadlifts, calf raises, hip abductors, and two shoulder exercises.

Monday. Oh dear lord I did not wanna get up... but I did. I brushed my teeth, got dressed, scarfed down some water, vitamins, and a protein bar and went to work. Lunch was BBQ chicken and beans. And I had another protein bar and granola to snack on.
I was quite sore from the day before. This can be a good lesson actually. Sometimes you need a few days or more off so you can really feel your workouts again.
After work we went straight to an Astros game and I had some general tsos chicken and a kind bar on the way because I'm always hungry lol.
Once home I had tacos and shopped on Amazon (oh dear lord help this addiction).

Tuesday was the usual breakfast. Taco meat and beans for lunch. My girth came in, you guys will see that in the July Favorites post :)
After a bad day at work I cleaned my saddle. It's therapy! Oh lord was it very overdue for some conditioning.

Wednesday was another bad day at work. I barely ate because I had so much anxiety. Once home I was nauseous from a lack of food so I finally ate.

What I did next

Guys at this point I was really drained. My anxiety was reaching new heights. We all have those times where everything in life builds up and new things just push you over. I had lost all motivation to do anything.

I know it seems counter productive. I mean, I LOVE working out, eating lots of good food, and sticking with my routine. But I wasn't enough. I needed to find what was wrong.

So I decided to take a break from macros for a few days and eat intuitively and just relax in my spare time. Read the bible, pray. And spend time with family. No gym, no nothing, just focus on finding happiness again.

It didn't take to long to realize I was putting to much pressure on money. That's right, money. I was too worried about "making it". Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with wanting to do your best making sure you have enough. But I was too focused on it. I had to reflect on the fact that even when I was living in a trailer, living off rice and beans I felt about the same. Living in a nice apartment, being able to eat out, and have some nice things didn't make me feel better. Even though my health is MUCH better and I've come a long way in so many ways. I'm talking about my inner happiness.

I decided I don't need to ever be "well off" I can be content and happy with what I have. I don't view that as a weakness like some do. I view it as a key to happiness. How could I ever be happy if I'm constantly chasing the next level up. Where does it end? Anyone remember the phrase "life is about the journey, not the destination"?  Nothing wrong with improving. We all should. But we should learn to be happy in the meantime too.

I can live a balanced life again. And in fact it inspired me to start a new blog. Dead Broke Equestrian. Because most of my life that's what I've been. So many of us are struggling. That's nothing to be ashamed of. It's not for the faint of heart. Granted we don't have a choice. But we can come together and create a community of support, encouragement, and comradery!

So I'm still tracking macros but not religiously. I still workout but I'm gonna back away from my 6 day plan and stick to 4 days. I still want to make horses my career but I will be happy doing anything even if it's just a backyard barn to bring kids and newbies an introduction to the sport. I'm putting God first in my life again because that's what makes me happiest.

We all waiver in our priorities now and then. If you ever feel a lack of inner happiness, I mean real joy about life. I suggest taking a step back and reflecting on things.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Favorites!

Welcome to my first "favorites" blog post!

Where to start is the question???

Well let's start with Monsieur Lenovo..

I have always wanted my own computer. My family always promised me one growing up but families promises rarely ever hold up. I was given a handmedown glitchy laptop that had been through a bad car accident and that's what I've been blogging off of till now. I'm very proud to of payed for this computer myself and earned something that isn't falling apart.
I've only had this guy a month so I still have lost of learning to do (so busy though!). But it's a nice lightweight little thing that has plenty of power to do basic video edits and multi tasking. Really is a great deal on a convertible touch screen for only $630.00. I got mine at Best Buy on sale.

Next would have to be my recent obsession with Earl Grey Tea. My dad always loved this stuff but I never fully grasped its glory till now. I was a hard core black tea kinda girl. However I tried some at a local cafe and fell in LOVE.
Now I don't know if you guys remember but I'm off coffee as a daily drink (still good as a treat though) because it's so strong in caffeine and caffeine is a really bad irritant to those of us with digestive issues. I've recently, and rather disappointedly discovered that black tea is also very irritating to my tummy because of the caffeine. So I'm forced to opt for decaf at tea time. My life is over! Or so I thought... but then I remembered the subtle beauty of earl grey. I had to have it! So I picked up some in decaf and let's just say I'm in heaven...

On the subject of tea.. check out this FREAKING ADORABLE little, well not so little mug.

4 bucks at Ross. You just can't beat that!
I saw it and it spoke to me... Guys I've been "the crazy cat lady" since I was like 9 years old. Sadly, no, I'm not joking. Literally I used to sit outside with all 15 of my cousins cats cuddled up to me for hours at a time. I'm surprised my parents weren't concerned about this behavior... Tragically, Matthew is very allergic so my precious kitties have to stay with my family. Trust me, if it wasn't for Matthews allergy I'd have a barn full.

Barns! That reminds me... So my friend is going to let me ride her sporthorse once or twice a week but all she has is western tack. I have all my English tack but the only size girth I have is a 54" which is HUGE! This mare is like a 48-50. So I hoped on Amazon (guilty pleasure) and found this baby for 30 bucks!

It's not high quality. But this little Ovation girth will do the trick nicely to ride my friends horse 1-2 times a week :)

Another favorite of mine this past month has definitely been Biolage Keratin Dose Shampoo and Conditioner.

I decided to try it because it's what my mom uses and my mom has like zero split ends! I on the other hand have always struggled with split ends :( even before going blonde. Surprisingly, going blonde did not make it worse, so there's that.
This shampoo and conditioner is safe for blondes, I even double checked with the manufacturer. It hasn't given my hair any brassiness at all! Which is impressive. And it actually does what it's supposed to. It's not a miracle or anything. I mean only a good regime over time will eliminate a split end issue. But my hair is definitely improved in softness and strength although it's been a bit flat but that could be anything from stress to too much conditioner.

And speaking of shower products, here's a bath product.

I haven't had a "bath" since I was a little kid. But Matt insisted I try one to make me feel better. I had been so achey for days! So I gave in. For like 6 bucks at bed bath and beyond you can get a bath bomb. I. Am. In. Love. With the smell of this one! I have a bad sense of smell but it smells like a snowy day to me and I love that!! I should get the fragrance.

Oh and how could I forget!
Guys I am suuuuper late to the beauty blender game. It's tragic. But I finally decided to try em since my cheapo brushes were literally shedding all over my face. So I went and got two for 5 bucks at Ross.

Can I just say, these things are magic! When I first used them I was like "What dark magic is this?!" It's PERFECT absolutely perfect application!!

Ok and last but not least are my all time favorite gym shoes!

They are the Nike Juvenate in Olive. And Oh. My. Gawd. They are phenomenal! These are by far the best, most well balanced shoes for me. Especially in the gym. They are just so, so comfy!! I definitely recommend. Although your feet may be different and have different needs and not like them.
Can we just talk about the color though... I mean it's gorgeous! Neutrals are kinda my thing. I obviously have a thing for grey. I also love navy, olive, brown leather, burgundy, and any subtle and sophisticated color.

Well that's all my July Favorites! Please drop a comment if you want an August Faves :)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Equestri-Fit Week 4 || Measurements || And Living The Dream

This past week I have to admit didn't go quite as planned. I did ok... But not as well as I'd like to. I didn't keep track very well at all so this update will be brief. Sorry.. But it was rough. I worked two jobs most of the week because my second job was closing down and I had a lot of annoying stuff to do. I was so exhausted that I only made it to the gym twice, I know, GASP!
My goal is to hit the gym 5 times a week but sometimes life gets crazy and that's ok! Setbacks happen, we will inevitably drift one way or the other, the important thing is to get back to the centerline.

I'll spare you the long drawn out overly detailed day by day meals and workouts this time. I ate healthy for the most part much like the week before. My two workouts were a chest/back/abs day and a stair master session.

Arm relaxed 9"
Arm flexed 10"
Chest 34"
Waist 25.5"
Belly button 28.5"
Below belly button 31"
Hips 35.5"
Upper thigh 20"
Mid thigh 17"
Above knee 14.5"
Calf 11"

My measurements have barely changed at all 4 weeks into this cut. My weight has been pretty steady at 108lbs. But all that is ok. At least I'm not losing muscle, which is the main goal! And my body composition is a little better than before even though the numbers don't  reflect it. It's always important to remember that numbers such as measurements and especially weight don't always show what's happening.

I really want to commend everyone who's been with me so far on this Equestri-Fit Challenge, you guys are awesome! I know I'm not the only one struggling and I want you all to know its half way over.

After this challenge is over I'm thinking of doing a muscle gain one, perhaps on Facebook. I would want it to be more detailed and personal though. So let me know what you guys thing and if your interesting in participating? I'll come up with a game plan as the time gets closer.

Now for something off topic..

Matthew has always dreamed of playing baseball. And now he gets to live that dream out a little.

I'm a very objective, factual, realistic person. I refuse to flatter anyone, including my own husband. He is athletically gifted. Not the most amazing. But definitely above the average joe. He never played organized sports but whenever he plays for fun people always ask him what college he played for? They don't ask if he played in college. They ask which college. They don't even question it! They just assume he played college ball. Yeeesh I wish people were that impressed with my riding!..

Like many people (men especially) he has a competitive drive and NEEDS an outlet! Last week he found an amateur baseball league to join. After he registered for the fall season he was asked if he's play the remainder of the summer season for a team that needed someone. He of course agreed.

We looked up the team and saw that although they come close often, they haven't won a game yet. Matt was so nervous. He himself hadn't played any since may. So he took Thursday and Friday mornings to practice some.

Saturday was his first game. It started off with his nerves. You guys should of seen him his first day on a new job. He threw up on the way there. And the same case today. I kept telling him positive soothing things that are true. I reminded him of how he impresses people and they always assume he played on a college team. I reminded him about how he always was above everyone else's skill level in neighborhood games and that he'd probably fit right in, in a league. I told him that they needed someone, that's why they asked him to play and that he is fulfilling that need. And that I bet that with his little bit of help that would give them the edge to win. I bet him they'd win this game with him.

He still couldn't eat anything but at least he was calmer. He went in, got to know the guys and warm up. They game started at noon in the 110 degree Houston heat... It was brutal, I don't know how they do it!

He got to play outfield which is his favorite position. His first at bat he made a nice hit on the second pitch. He made a hit or got walked every at bat (that's a good things in baseball).