Updated Equestrian Skincare Routine on a Budget!

Wow, it’s really been TWO YEARS since my last skincare post! Holy cow.. Well here’s to the ole adage “Better late than never!”. 

So to be completely honest I had to reread my old post because I completely forgot about what I said. Nervous smiles. So where did I leave off?

The first post was on point. You can read it here. And honestly it’s sad how off the bandwagon I got. Not because it wasn’t easy but because my face got more sensitive. In fact, my whole body did. Back in March my eye blew up!

And then in August my whole body had HORRIBLE hives for 5 days!! Not even prednisone + Benadryl got rid of em. They were EVERYWHERE! Scalp, face, back, butt, arms, arm pits, thighs, knees, wrists. But don't worry I won't show most of it.

My face...
One of the many arm flares. And below are some of the leg flares.

Strangely they never went down past my knees.

Even though we never found out why this all happened. But not for lack of trying. Doctors ran several tests and say I’m a picture of health! Nonetheless I was terrified of putting anything on my skin. Especially since it remained itchy and sensitive for an additional month.

If you have had a similar experience please comment and share your story!

While taking a hiatus from most skin products my skin DID suffer.. But that’s why I’m here again! To regain some measure of self confidence lol

However THIS time I found even better resources! 
Actual... (drumroll pleaseDermatologists!!
No I haven’t been to one yet. Why? Because I’m a baby. I do plan on going to one eventually though. However if you too are a weenie about being poked and prodded by a stranger or simply can’t afford it there are some great resources out there for general knowledge. Quite a few real dermatologists actually make high quality content YouTube videos. Here are the ones I’ve found so far:
If you have more to add to the list PLEEEASE comment!

While their videos certainly back up the general info in my original post on the topic. They also dive deeper. MUCH deeper into the science behind why. They also break down ingredients, products, skin issues, and solutions. While that doesn’t replace actually seeing a dermatologist it can at least point us in the right direction and give us a better understanding.

Watching their videos has opened my eyes to some of the myths I believed, the truths behind the industry, the science behind an ingredient or mix of them, and how to even better care for my skin. And the best part is that you don't need to spend a fortune to get good skincare products!

So now for the good stuff. What have I been using?

First off let it be known I have light skin, that’s on the dry side, moderately prone to irritation and redness, and of course good ole fine lines from all that time working and riding in the sun!

Also note that ALL of these products except the Your Good Skin 2hr Spot Reduction are available at Walmart AND Target!


Step one is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

$6 at Target

I like this one because it even gets off waterproof mascara. I just apply it to a cotton pad and wipe my face and neck to remove any makeup, sunscreen, or dirt. I do want to try an oil cleanser but I still have a bottle of Micellar water to finish off first. 

Step two is Aveeno Oatmeal Gel Cleanser

$7 at Walmart 

It’s gentle but effective at getting any traces of makeup, sunscreen, or dirt off. Plus I feel like Micellar water leaves something behind and this seems to get rid of that. Once or twice a week I GENTLY exfoliate using this and a little silicone exfoliating pad.

Note: If I have more than just a few blemishes I will use Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Wash and let us sit a minute before rinsing.

$6 at Walmart

Step 3 is Burt’s Bee’s Renewal Eye Cream 

$15 at Target

First I dampen my face and then apply some all over my eye area. Careful not to get it in the eyes. It helps with fine lines and my skin seems to tolerate the natural alternative to retinol/retinoids. 

Step 4 is Cereve Renewing Retinol Cream Serum

$14 at Target

I was terrified to try a retinol even though it’s milder than a retinoid because people say it still stings. But this one by Cereve is “Encapsulated” so it should irritate even less. I’m happy to say it DOES NOT irritate me. I love how silky it is. Hopefully this will help with some of the sun damage and aging. Nervous smile.

Step 5 is the Cereve Renewing Night Cream 

$13 at Target

This stuff is awesome! You do have to warm it up just a tad on your fingers and then it goes on smooth.

Note: If I have just a few blemishes I use this Your Good Skin 2hr Spot Reduction
$10 at Walgreens

And that’s it! 5 steps sounds like a lot but it goes by super quick.


All I do is apply Cerave AM Moisturizer with SPF 30

$14 at Walmart

The night cream is so good I never wake up with a dry face so no need for any other moisturizer. After the Cereve AM if I feel like wearing makeup I go ahead and apply it on top.

I really enjoy playing around with skincare and makeup. Would you all like if I posted more about it?


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