My Reading Challenge

I love reading books. Especially anything educational. But I’m a picky reader... Always have been.

If I don’t like the way a book is written I won’t read it. Some are too wordy and long winded in places they don’t need to be, too vague in areas they shouldn’t be, or facts aren’t accurate or backed up with any explanation. If things aren’t laid out in a logical order. Or My comprehension just doesn’t mesh with the writing style. So yes I do love to read. But I’m picky! 

Luckily I do enjoy most horse books. So I tend to stick to those.

Like anyone I’m always trying to improve myself. At this point in time I can’t ride much more than about two times a week. And some weeks I don’t get to ride at all. So even though the best way to improve my riding is by riding I am a bit limited. So I figured why not improve my head knowledge at least. Even though I can’t practice much I can at least know more and get a better understanding for when the time comes.

Well to be completely honest it was actually my husband who got me on my reading kick again. He wanted to start reading a bit everyday. But he’s never been a big reader and is fortunate to read for 15 minutes before he’s done for the day. So we decided to make it a goal for each of us to read as much as we can, or as we can stand to each day.

Since our goal is to run a farm together I decided to read more in depth on subjects I was already familiar with such as horse keeping, feeding, management, etc... 

Matthew on the other hand wasn’t sure where to start. So I suggested he start on one of my old trusted books that goes over all the basics such as tack, horse handling, the gaits, styles of riding, different disciplines, etc..

The book I started was one I had been meaning to read cover to cover for years now. 

And the book Matthew started with is a nice illustrated guide to horse and rider. It helped me understand the basics better via illustrations when I was first starting.

Complete Horses and Rider

Of course these are only the start!
My goal is to get through one book a month. I have a few other books on my shelf that I have read from but never cover to cover. But I'm really looking forward to finding new books to read! I already kind of have a list of ones I'd like to check out on Pinterest in my board Eq Books. So if you all have any suggestions please share! 

I think I'm going to start a highlights reel on Instagram for all the books I'm reading if anyone wants to see what I'm reading or discuss them :) @thegalloptogreatness


  1. I have so many horse books around to read. Some I have read for school, but there are also so many more I want to buy.. Finding time is hard though!

    1. It certainly is difficult to make time to read. I always have trouble concentrating so I like to read as much as I can on days I get home before my husband and can have the place quiet hehe :)


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