My First Lesson In 8 Years! From Jun. 26, 2018

Let me start by saying it’s not something I’m proud of. We all know we never stop learning. And although the horse is the best teacher, that’s no excuse for not getting lessons from a qualified professional. We all need that second eye to constructively critique us, challenge us, and help us understand things in a way we might not of before. Our education is never ending and we need not hold ourselves back by not getting lessons just because we already “know how to ride”.
Of course that was not my intention at all for these past 8 years. In fact it was only out of necessity that I didn’t get lessons. Finances were tight and I could only afford to board my horses while I had them. Sometimes I couldn’t afford anything at all. But now I’m horseless by choice (to save up money). So now I can afford lessons and honestly I’m stoked to learn from others and improve faster than I would by myself.
 I’m not an outgoing person. I’m not “shy” but I’m not comfortable approaching others either. So when I found out a Twitter friend was going Pro and moving to Houston I felt more comfortable going to her. What a good choice that was!
We all know the stereotypical riding instructor that yells and says some “interesting” remarks. Not this one! She was very welcoming and kind. The barn felt like a home. Everyone we met was kind and welcoming.
She placed me on an older mare that she places every new client on. This mare was so sweet and likable you couldn’t help but fall in love with her. 
Like any older school horse she tests your leg power! And yes I may go to the gym a lot but that didn’t seem to matter to her lol. I admit I am small and probably still not very strong. But the biggest challenge was cardiovascular. I’ve never been very strong in that department. I hadn’t ridden in 3 weeks and Fancy was the type that didn’t need barely any leg at all. As were the two horses before her lol. So needless to say I was a red faced hot mess that had to stop to catch my breath and get some water. I was thoroughly embarrassed but oh well. Now I know I need to start doing cardio in the gym. I dread this with all my heart. But it must be done. If I want to improve I need to make myself do this.
 As far as my equitation she of course told me that my lower leg needs to come back about 3 inches. I hate my chair seat so I’m glad she can remind me about that. I also need to sit up a bit more. She’d probably gag if she saw me ride 8 years ago lol. She also mentioned shortening my reins and breathing with my arms more, keeping my hands even, and up a bit. Oh and apparently I dip in at times so I also need to stay centered while turning. I’m really impressed with her critiques. I think she dissected the worst of my issues and brought it up in a way that didn’t make me feel terrible about myself lol. 
 Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to learning and seeing how far I can improve.


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