AM vs PM Workouts

Hey guys!

I can't believe March is already gone! I've been so busy it feels like I missed the entire month. But I haven't. I've been busy getting back on a routine. I love to see progress! But the last few months I haven't really seen much progress both in the gym and in my riding.

But after seeing some inspiring Tweets of other equestrians seeing progress in the gym I got motivated to make things happen again. I put together a more intense workout plan that we could stick too and started eating a little better and counting macros again because sadly I tend to under eat when I don't at least loosely track my macros.

Matthew had an idea though...

"We should workout in the mornings instead of evenings"

For our schedule that means 7am workouts. But last few times I tried morning workouts I got super nauseous and had no energy or strength. How was I going to survive this?!?!

Years ago when I had no clue about proper fitness I preferred to workout in the mornings but since starting to workout properly I switched to evenings because that's what Matthew preferred for his energy levels and it fit our schedule well. But now he's been having 0 energy or motivation in the evenings. And with me riding after work it was difficult schedule wise too. But the worst part of going to the gym at night for me is how crowded it is. Sometimes we just have to walk out between everything being taken and my social anxiety.

So I decided to try mornings again. Especially after seeing how low the crowds were in the mornings.


I didn't feel weak and I didn't get nauseas! I actually enjoyed! I was able to do more and feel better during the workout and throughout the day. My workouts and riding have improved! I am finally seeing progress again.

My workouts have been longer, more varied, and a little more intense. My body is responding. My abs are finally gaining a little definition again. I'm not exactly sure how but somehow this change to morning workouts has translated into the saddle too. Ever since we made the switch 2 weeks ago my riding has improved too, mostly in my confidence levels which allows me to ride a little more boldly and thus effectively.

Now this may not work for everyone. Some people really are night Owls. But there are pro's and con's to AM vs PM workouts.

For some morning workouts are when they have most energy and it helps them throughout the day. It can be therapeutic. A lot of people say morning workouts on an empty stomach (no food) provides more of a fat burning effect. At the very least it's nice to get your workout out of the way first thing in the morning so you can relax in the evenings (or ride ;) . In some gyms there are less people in the mornings.

But in other gyms mornings may be the busy time. Another issue some may have with AM workouts is some may get nauseous or feel week and dizzy especially with little to nothing to eat beforehand.

For others, evenings are when they have the most energy. They prefer to look forward to a workout after work to blow off steam. Some say that evening workouts help them gain strength easier because they have been fueling their bodies all day and have more energy to lift strong. In some gyms evenings are slower.

But in others like I said before it's the busy time. Also for some people it becomes another chore to do after work. And a lot of us are just to exhausted after workout after a long day of work!

Bottom line do what works for you! Do what works for your body and your schedule :)


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