Top Budget Tip: Value

In my opinion the key to something being truly budget friendly is value. What I mean by value is "bang for your buck".

I don't just mean 2 for 1 deals. Allow me to illustrate with toilet paper. This was always my mom's pet peeve. Why buy the 4 pack for 2 bucks when those rolls only last you a week when you can pay 4 dollars for a 4 pack that will last you 3 weeks. It seems more expensive but its actually cheaper because it's like getting a week free!

In life, and especially in the equestrian world "you get what you pay for".

I have had times In my life where I couldn't afford to spend more than 40 bucks at a time. So yes, my paddock boots only lasted 6 months but I needed them and couldn't wait to save longer to get something that would last.

I've had times where I was able to save a little longer and get something with good value. Like the time I saved up for months to get some leather half chaps. I got them on for 50 bucks on closeout. I still have them in good condition 5+  years later!

So sometimes you don't have a choice and you have to get the absolute cheapest thing because plain and simple that's all the money you can dish out at once. That's ok! But if you have a choice I suggest choosing the option of better value.


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