Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

This was an accidental invention. I didn't have any sliced veggie cheese (it's the best lactose free sliced cheese out there). I had 1-2oz of goat cheese and some rye bread and coconut oil. So I got creative!

Step 1 - Spread your desired amount of goat cheese on your desired bread and make into a sandwich.
Step 2 - Butter both sides of the sandwich with coconut oil.
Step 3 - Pan fry on medium until golden brown. Be Very Careful not to burn!

Step 4 - EAT IT!

That's it. It's delicious!
The goat cheese will have the texture of ricotta cheese which I LOVE! I missed stuffed shells so much because I can't have ricotta anymore. But this makes up for it :)


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