$20.00 Riding Essentials Pull-On Breeches Review

I got my pair in Light Tan about 6 years ago. I absolutely loved them from the start.
Photo from: Dover Saddlrey

They fit great. But since I've started working out a lot they are a bit loose in the leg. However I am very thin legged to begin with so for a normal non-chicken legged human they should fit great. They are very breathable for summer, yet sturdy enough to only need thermal leggings underneath for winter when its near freezing temperatures.

Sorry for the bad lighting..

They have stood up well to a good bit of use. I have owned them for 6 years but have only ridden in them about 4 days a week for 3 of those years and they still have plenty of life in them with very little signs of wear. The only thing that shows they are worn is some pilling of knee patches because I've washed and dried them so many times...
They are also a little stained from my saddle on the knee patches but that's very recent and the Velcro closures can get a little annoying. But..

They are a FANTASTIC buy for only $20.00

Unfortunately the brand no longer flatters the shape of my legs due to the physical changes I've made. However I would recommend them to anyone looking for a decent schooling breech.


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