Upgrade || 8 Weeks To Lean || And A New Barn?

Ok, so first off let's pick up where we left off with the apartment hunt. *clears throat*.
One word: Disappointing. Don't get me wrong it was a cute homey feeling facility but two of the 3 apartments smelled like smoke (I honestly can't smell much of anything but Matthew was holding back from gagging). There were some small things that were annoying such as one of them not having any living room lighting, and they all had bad paint jobs. But those things are minute. The biggest issue was the pricing. They cost about $100.00 more than they had them listed for online! Now, I understand some price difference. Our current apartment was 20 dollars more than they had it listed for but 100, that's a bit shady..

Later that day Matt got an email from our apartment complex staff trying to sway us to stay. After thinking about it we decided it was worth looking into upgrading to a one bedroom apartment here because it would cost the same as the other place, be easier, and not have to cough up all the extra fee's.

The next afternoon we sat down to talk with them. The lady was very helpful and is going to confirm with her boss to work out a few kinks in the plan since the one bedroom wont be ready till September 8th and our lease ends August 31st. And did I mention it will only cost us 70 dollars more a month to upgrade. That's 80 dollars less than the other place! Talk about a good deal :)


Leaning Out..

I have been meaning to lean up some since like April but I can't help it, I like food.

So now I'm giving myself an ultimatum. Well more like a "you have to do this or nope! you have to do this!". I have 8 weeks to lean out and lose some body fat before I start to bulk again in September.

I'm thinking of doing a blog series to help me stay focused and maybe you guys can join and we can make it a group thing. What do you guys think?

Possible Answer To My Prayers???

Earlier today I was on Facebook and liked someone's post. (a horse person of course) A few hours later she sends me a friend request. I accept. I see that she has a riding facility where she teaches hunter/jumper and dressage. It's in some place called Santa Fe Texas. (wherever that is). An hour later she messages me asking if I am interested in coming to the farm and riding a few horses, if I'm  near Santa Fe and want to come ride. I google it and am surprised that it's only an hour away. Hmm.. still a bit far but doable on the weekend. I take precautions though and check her facebook, and website for any red flags. Nothing... all good.

I will meet her at her farm 10 am this Saturday. Hopefully this is some kind of answer to my prayers. 


  1. Oooh I hope it all goes well at the barn! Kinda glad I had the option this summer to not drive an hour to the barn several times a week. I would totally be down to join the Lean Out squad. My work outs aren't too shabby, but food is so GOOD.

    1. Thank you! Me too!! I'm not exactly "excited" about the drive but the beach is only another 15 minutes so that's a perk! And I'm debating what platform to do the "Equestri-Fit" (might change the name tho) Challenge on but its between facebook and google+. Please spread the word so we can get others to join!


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