Equestri-Fit Week One Recap || First Time Back In The Saddle

As I write this I am covered in dirt. Literally. Dirt. All over.

Let Me Tell You A Story

So I went to a new barn today. The one that contacted me on Facebook that I told you about 2 posts back. It was a run down looking place. Most in the area are. This one was a 6.5 on a scale from (1) just old paint to (10) being nothing but rust and caved in ceilings. Most horses were thin. But that's also "the usual" for the area. For some reason people around here seem to think it's ok if a horse is a little ribby. 

But I strode in anyways. I was hopeful. But still had sooooo much anxiety. What if it's as bad as it looks? What if they just want to use me? What if they use abusive riding techniques and want me to do the same?

I was also very nervous because like anyone else I want to give a good impression. Being an INTJ, the worst possible thing (talk about embarrassing) is looking like an idiot.

We went in and the lady was very nice and had a stable hand bring out the gypsy vanner quarter horse pony for me. I groomed him and quickly realized he was a typical gelding, very gentlemanly. As I groomed and tack him up with some reeeealllly old tack she informed me that she only does natural things with her horses. Like to calm them she will put a dab of lavender essential oil in their noise. Or mix honey and ginger for a horse that has a cough. I really liked that.

So I got in this pony. Rerealizing exactly how long legged I am. And that's when I realized most of her horses are left sided. This SUCKS for me because I'm left sided. My right side is TERRIBLE! It's stiff, won't turn, won't relax, won't lengthen. Ugggghhh!

On we went. I quickly realized her horses were taught differently and it took me a while even with her help to begin to understand the method in which she trained them. Don't get me wrong her method was not in any way wrong or bad. Just different. Keep in mind I've been to quite a few barns and I've realized each barns horses ride according to the owners method of riding.  Nothing necessarily wrong. You just have to ride em the way they are trained. The tricky part is rewiring yourself to ride that way.

Needless to say I was having trouble rewiring myself to ride her way. Plus I was nervous so I was tense and stiff, so my right side was worse than usual. And it's been a year since I've ridden so I'm super rusty, even more rusty than I thought I'd be and that's my worst nightmare.

We were tracking right which is both our bad sides and I was going one way. (Her method is to turn from the belly button up. So I was doing that.) and he turned another way. And que the dirt. To be fair I was looooong over due for a fall. My last one was like 4-5 years ago.

The fall itself is no big deal. Like I said it was over due. But I'm not gonna lie, I'm super embarrassed.  And embarrassment is the worst possible thing for me. So right now I'm a bit depressed about my riding future lol.

Equestri-Fit Week One Recap!

Week one has come and gone. First off I wanna say THANK YOU! to all you guys that have joined my 8 week equestrian fitness challenge. I seriously did this on a whim and didn't think anyone would join but 7 of you joined and I think that's a success and I can't wait to see how far you all progress through this challenge :)

My personal workouts have been a little lacking this week because I just started a new job and the heat from their AC being broke half the week gave me an awful headache. But I did manage to get in a 2 workouts.

Yesterday I did legs.
Squats 4 x 6-8
Romanian Deadlifts 4 x 8-10
Calf Raises 4 x 12
Knee Squats 3 x 8
And then I did some abs
Planks 2 x 30-40sec
Plank with Hip dips 2 x 25
Lying Leg Raises 2 x 10

After my fall today my head was hurting but I decided to workout anyways. About half way or so through I had to stop though because it was getting worse.
So here's what I did do for shoulders.
Lateral Raises (cables) 4 x 6 on each side
Front Raises (cable) 4 x 7
Front Raises (dumbbells) 4 x 10

Food-wise though I did pretty darn well this week!

Day 1
I was 20g shy on protein but I had a calories surplus so I was ok.

Day 2
I hit everything good. I was a little high in fats so I lowered my carbs to compensate and still stay in my calorie goal.

Day 3
I was sooo close to my protein goal but I ended ever so slightly over my calorie goal. But I was so close I consider it successful.

Day 4
Hit all macros nearly perfect. Went over just a smidge on calories but that's ok.

Day 5
I got my protein but I was over in fats by 10g which but me over in calories by 150 but not a huge deal.

Day 6
I was 20g shy on my protein but I was over in calories so its o.k.

Day 7
Was Perfect! Literally if anything I had a little to little calories but still hit my protein! It's actually kinda good because that will offset on of the times I went a little over.

Today I went over on calories which is fine. I consider it a "cheat day" because I went over by a few hundred calories. Cheat/treat day/meals are good because they can help you avoid getting stuck in your fat loss goals by keeping your body guessing.

A Few Meals
I thought I'd show you guys a few meals from this week with their macros.
Let me know if you wanna see a "Full Day Of Eating"?!

This is one small/medium granny smith apple chopped up with one cup of "Kind Healthy Grains" Dark chocolate granola.
21g protein
80g carbs
8g fat

Well that's it for week one of the Equestri-Fit Challenge. It's not to late to join at 8 Equestri-Fit Challenge Group on Google+

Till next time bye!


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