Personal Goals || And What's In The Works!

Hey guys! So it's been a while since I've talked to you all so I thought I'd make a short but personal post about what's up :)

Let's start with horses..
I'm still saving.. the struggle is real..

So how about fitness?

Oh, that's going pretty well. I've had some muscle growth in mah glutes! and leaned down a tad this past month. But I do want to drop some body fat since I'm currently sitting at 25%. Since I really don't want to eat less because let's face it, I Love Food! So my plan is to step up my cardio and be more consistent. Instead of 20 minutes once a week (*coughs* if) I will being doing 20 minutes 2-3 times a week.

Good news! I'm almost ready to buy a computer that works!! We will be getting a refurbished macbook. And that means we can start editing videos ect!

Speaking of videos..
Matthew will be starting a youtube channel soon!
He will be doing all kinds of fun stuff with fishing, baseball, golf, basketball, ect..

What can I say he's a sports guy lol. He's pretty shy but we think his first one is gonna be a fishing lure challenge. He has a lot of really fun and creative ideas though.

Like I said I'm still saving for a horse. Still planning on purchasing one late august/early september. Once we do though the fun will really start because we will be doing all kinds of videos relative to training and daily fun stuffs ;)

Till then though I was thinking of doing videos of workouts and recipes ect.. What do you all think? Are you game for that? Lemme know whatchya wanna see!


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