|| Unicorn Haul ||

Who doesn't love unicorns? 
I love them because 
A. They are a horse!
B. They usually come with sparkles!
C. I'm a unicorn!

Anyone familiar with Meyer Briggs 16 Personality Types or MBTI?
I know I've mentioned it before but my type is an INTJ which is one of the two rarest types and is the rarest for women. A popular saying is that "Meeting an INTJ is like seeing a Unicorn". 
Thus I'm a unicorn!! :)

So I was browsing instagram and saw the unicorn power banks and decided I must have one!
Then I was browsing pinterest (ok so browsing is dangerous for my bank account) and say unicorn horn makeup brushes!

Meet Minty!

Thank you Amazon! 

And I'd also like to thank Amazon for these beauties!

They are so soft! (even though they are super cheap lol)


  1. Yes!!!! If I could I'd add the heart eyes emoji. Unicorns are definitely the best.


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