The Split || Pony Shopping

So for the past few months my workout routine has
been a four day split.
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest, Tricep, Shoulders 
Wednesday - Rest 
Thursday - Back and Bicep 
Friday - Legs 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - Rest 
Granted sometimes days get switched around because life gets hectic. 
But I'm splitting up my leg days. So Monday will be just quads and calves and Friday will be just glutes and hamstrings.

I've been eating at slightly above maintenance to more so.... (guilty smirk).
I've pretty much stayed at 105lbs....
At 5'4"+ it's not exactly where I wanna be.
Keep in mind I'm a very petite build. But still! I Wana grow!

Friday and Saturday were bad... I didn't eat enough. But yesterday I did much better! Probably overkill lol.
I still have a month or so before I start tapering back down.


Now for some real news!

I literally couldn't wait to tell you all about this :)

It's Monday... I went into work. Expecting Monday attitudes from customers.. I swear everyday is Monday when you work customer service. 
But anyways, 
A coworker and I were talking and I briefly mentioned how I'm dying to get a horse again. So he tells me how his mother in-law has two rescue fillies she doesn't want anymore. 


Mine! Lol #joking #NotReally #seriously 

So we exchanged numbers and Matthew and I are gonna go check em out this weekend if it all works out.


Yes, I have more...

They are two rescue fillies as I said. Both about 4 years old. I call them ponies because they are probably 14.2-15.1hh. 

One is grey and may of been abused before because she is a little frisky/skittish of being caught. Just afraid of halters/rope/whips. However once caught is fine.
The other is a buckskin. She has no issues with anything. 
Both are only halter broke but they stand for the farrier and let you pick their feet out.

Definitely projects!

And I can only afford one...

The soonest I can bring one home is late February, more like early March.

Hopefully this goes well and I can bring one home in March. 

It's sooo hard to contain my excitement and be realistic right now.


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