My Style || My Favorite Pre-Workout || And It's A Crock-Pot!

Ok, I did not grow up caring about how I looked. It's not that my parents didn't encourage me to present myself nicely, they did. But they also warned me about not being vain. And I heeded that warning, to a fault.

I've only just in the past 5 years slowly come to realize where my balance is.
I want to look good but I will NEVER be afraid to get dirty, even if I'm wearing nice clothes. Because
A. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
B. I am frugal and refuse to overpay for anything so that means if I ruin some clothes I didn't lose much.
C. If I ruined some clothes chances are I gained a pretty fun story to tell and that's worth more than the price of clothes.

So what is my style then?

I like to say it's Classic Equestrian meets Fitness.
(Not the neon traffic cone fitness, I mean the well fitted, subtle colors fitness.)

Here are some examples..

Now I'm on a budget, a tight one. Plus like I said I like being frugal so I don't feel bad if I ruin something. So when I found myself needing a purse because mine were all garbage I went to Ross and got these beauty's for about 20 bucks a piece!

Not bad huh? 

Plus they go amazing with my Baker Plaid inspired nails (that I got for 5 bucks at Walmart).

#matchymatchy lol

So now for Jewelry... I like to keep it simple.

Matthew got me this wonderful D-Ring Bit ring as an anniversary gift :)

It's sterling silver and he got it for 24 bucks! (I asked him how much lol)

Now for shoes....

My go-to's are my brand new Adidas tubulars I got on sale for 80 bucks at Macy's. And I use arch support ( I have high arches) insoles I got for 10 bucks at Walmart.

But I also really like wearing these comfy D-Ring Bit Sandals I got at Marshalls for 25 bucks.

So there you have a taste of my style. Comment below if you want to see more!


What is my favorite Pre-Workout?

It's a Gingerbread Frappuccino...

I know, I know it's like all sugar. But it's soooo good!

I always get my drinks with no whip and made with coconut milk because I'm lactose intolerant lol.

In the defense of sugar... It got me through the end of a loooong day and a workout. Plus the fact that it was made perfectly made me really happy despite a stressful day. #mentalhealththerapy lol

Did I mention it was only 30 degree's out when I had this? lol We've finally had a cold front and it actually got below freezing!! :) but only for like 2 days :(


So the other day my mom and I went to Matt's work at the end of the day, right as they close so he could train her. 
After he trained her he came out with this BIG box!

"What is that?!" I asked him with a surprised face, and slightly worried although I don't know why haha.

"A Present" was his response.

A client of his gave us a present and instructed him to open it with me. Oh lord help me...


It's a Crock-pot! 
Wait, I take that back.. I don;t know how to use this! and I suck at cooking anyways!
(panic setting in now...)

Oh, look! A cook book. 

Thank you Mom!

She gave me this cook book she had laying around.

At least now I have a guide.

I have to say it's really nice to be able to cook a weeks worth of lunches at once. But I still don't make "good" food :(


P.S. Guys I've had this post drafted for a few weeks now. So sorry it's a bit late. I was waiting to find those D-Ring Bit Sandals lol!


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