Blonde-er || Nails || And Dressage

hair, let's start with the hair... As many of you know I'm a brunette but I'm going blonde because A. I want to. B. I already get teased about having too many "blonde moments", so why not?
Behold... (dramatic-not-dramatic music)
All the way to the left is my untouched natural color. The middle is a low ombre. Then we lightened it on the right picture.
And as of Saturday
This is my hair. And it still has one more treatment before it's totally done.

Didn't your hair get dried out?
Both me and my stylist are very careful about that and treat it gently. It's as good as it was on day one. At most 10% difference. Even my stylist commented how it was "still soooo healthy!".

If you need a stylist in the Houston area please contact me so I can get you in touch with Sarah at Emanuel Salon in Sugar Land.

I was browsing the endless world of pinterest and found a great tip on how to add more intensity to any glitter nail polish you have.
You know how most of the time glitter nail polish comes put sparse.
(I think I like that word)

Comment below if you want a glitter nail tutorial!

Breaking News!
We have a brand Ambassador! 
Meet Keihanna Boerste and her Oldenburg Inspector Morse! That's also them in the cover photo. They are going to be showing 3rd level Dressage this year.
Be sure to look out for our interview with her coming soon!


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