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Do we really need to say anymore?

That seems to cover it pretty well..

But let's have some fun with it..

The Blog

For this Blog 2016 was it's first year on "Blogger".

We have 3 Followers. LOVE you guys!
The month of July had the most traffic with over 700 views!
And our most popular post was I'm So Fancy||Time For Tea||And The Beach!

Now for our Instagram..

Our #BestNine were..


We actually made some sales!

It's not much but we sold about 6 items on our CustomizedGirl store front.

And we sold one item on our Etsy store.

For Me..

Early this year Wes the rescue pony was adopted and I started working with Amber the angry mare.
We missed Wes but were glad he had a good home.

Amber was a challenge...
She was well known in the barn for being angry. Throwing her owner off nearly every other ride and being spooky over imaginary monsters lol.

After a month she finally went from spooking maniac that fights ev-er-y-thing to only startles a few times and doesn't get dramatic anymore. 
At first she could only canter about 3 strides before she either took off or tripped up. After a about a month she could canter once around the arena each way perfectly fine.
I rode her 6 days a week for the first 2 weeks and then only 3-4 times a week for the next 3 weeks.

Then we moved out of my parents house and into our apartment which is 30-40 minutes away. And I started a new job. 
I continued to ride Amber 1-2 times a week. She really came along nicely. She wanted to work with me. We bonded. She'd follow my every-step and run along side me over and through anything at liberty. No halter, no lead rope, nothing..
Her owner offered to give her to me.
But, I couldn't afford board at the time. So her owner let a private mounted patrol company take her on trial.
In the meantime I kept working and trying to figure out how to ride again. I poured myself into this blog.

Then, a coworker offered me her horse. We worked out our budget and saw we could now afford board. We even went and saw her for an hour or so. She seemed fine. Just didn't have that feeling that she was the one. But I was desperate and wanted to try anyway. However the mare choked bad a few weeks later and her owner decided to keep her. It was for the best.
The more I thought about it, the more I knew that mare was not for me. I kept going back to one thing.

I wanted Amber. I felt she was the right horse for me.
So I contacted her owner to see when her trial ended. 
I had to wait 9 days to see if they'd keep her or if I could take her.

Nine days later...


I honestly didn't expect to be so upset about it. But I felt crushed. Not just because I lost 2 horses in two months. Or because I lost my shot with Amber twice. But because I knew I'd always miss Amber.

She was special. And I knew it from the first moment I saw her.

A few months later I was promoted to work full-time and I got a raise this past month. I have done nothing but work hard. We've had set backs. Car troubles that ate everything we had saved at one point. Matt's parents lived with us for 3 months. And we've struggled to regain stability from that.

Now though?

Right now I'm focusing on remaining positive. I struggle with feeling happy. It's hard for me. I get depressed and have to work though it. I'm not perfect. Work is stressful this month and our trip to New Mexico fell through.

Part of me wonders if I'll ever ride again let alone have a horse. This dark depressing inner voice keeps telling me how empty I am. I try to say "No" but I feel it... I feel empty. Like anyone can do what I do. I'm not special. I don't have a purpose. I'm useless. A waste of existence. Why am I even here?

But then I remember. I feel I am meant for more. I know I am. I'm working towards being more than I am. And if I work hard and long enough I can become someone who makes a difference, even if it's small. I remember my experiences in life and what they've taught me since I was a kid. I have dealt with tragedies like someone 3x as old as me. I have stepped up to everything life has thrown at me. And the only times I disappoint myself are the ones that others would not have dealt with so well. I don't mean to sound arrogant. I just mean most people would blow-up in some circumstances where I couldn't muster anything more than silence.

When that dark voice tries to tell me that I'm not a good horseman. That my riding is terrible. That I have no equestrian-world connections and have nowhere to go. I remember that Twist didn't know how to bond until I bonded with her. She was lazy, aloof, and uninterested in anyone or anything. I worked patiently to see what was in her heart. She eventually opened up and she taught me what that can mean. Next was Wes. A pony nobody wanted. They called him ugly, fat, crazy, spookster. And he was! But I put that aside and instilled confidence in him. Gave him work and purpose. And he became the best pony I've ever met! He became brave, calm, steady, proud, eager to do his job. Amber. Amber was stressed and angry. She used spooking as a way to vent that. She fought everything her rider did. But it only took her a month or two to bond with me. And to bond so well that she looked to me for guidance. She would hear my voice and look for me. I don't think I'm the most talented person by any means. But not just anyone can do that. I was able to find reach her.

My experiences in life and with horse must mean something.

So what's next for 2017?

Hopefully world domination! lol just kidding!

We are planning a trip to Maine the last week of January with my brother, my cousin, and Matt's brother. Let us know if you all want pics? video? anything else?

As far as the rest of the year?

I'm continuing to save for a horse of my own. 

I will continue to work on this blog. On my Etsy. And Customized Girl Shop. I hope you all continue to buy the products I design and share them with the world!
The money from items sold goes towards my horse fund!
I hope this blog grows and I want to thank you all for the support! Please keep sharing with everyone!
Every single viewer means the world to me and motivates me to continue!

Yes, I want to do more Interviews with fellow Equestrians and maybe some Fitness junkies lol. So please let  me know if you'd like to be interviewed? Or if there is someone you think I should interview?

I want to create more content you guys want.
Please Comment or Email me with what you guys wanna hear about :)

Horse related articles?
Horse training?
Daily Life?
Beauty and Makeup related?
Full Day Of Eating?

Tell me your ideas?


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