Get Ready With Me || Everyday Easy..

Figured I try one of these and see how you guys like it.

I'm not a makeup guru, expert, beauty pro, or anything like that. Honestly, I'm just lucky I can get lipstick on without eating it.....

Seriously all the instruction I got was "You put eye shadow on the lid and then some eyeliner". That was it! Oh and "Here's some lip gloss".

So I played with makeup for a few years. Awful, awful years.....
Not just blue but any and every color shadow and liner I could find cheap. It was bad..

But then  I finally discovered neutrals THANK GOD! 

As some of you already know, I only started taking care of my face properly as of a year or so ago. Then about 6 months ago I started using Neutrogena's Long Wear Nourishing makeup (Reviewed it here). And from there my makeup game has taken a leap forward into more of what I want. Again I'm still a total newbie still.

So to push myself out of my shell on here I'm doing my easiest everyday routine for when I'm...well.....lazy..

So first of are Steps 1-3

3-Even, nourish, and protect

Tada! clean and fresh.
(Please excuse the shirt....I wanted something comfy lol)

Then I fill in my brows a little. Now, I know in pictures they look fine. But in reality they are quite sparse and I prefer them filled in a little. However they look better natural in pictures lol! So they will look weird here.

Next is..
The hair....

Nothing a little Argan Oil can't fix!

I separate my hair into two sides and the put this much..
In each side, working it in nicely and then slowly brush from bottom to top.
This is the brush I use and I LOVE IT!

Next I use some Physicians Formula Pearl Bronzer (I will review this later).
I apply it just under my cheek bones, sweeping up to my hairline and down towards my lips.
Then I use a little around my entire hairline, especially my forehead. I also use some on either side of my neck and down the middle of me neck, and a tiny bit right under my jaw.
All done!

I hope you all at least got a laugh out of this. Please let me know what kind of posts you want to see!
Riding tips/advice?
Fitness information?
More daily life?
Comment Below!!


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