The Adventures Of Herman Continue || "The Birds" Texas Edition || And Getting Back To Normal-ish

Hey there! So we have a little catching up to do...

So while my brother in-law Jacob was in town. Him and Matthew had a Golfing day. You guys remember Herman right?

Well I asked if they'd take Herman to play Golf..

And they did.

They taught him how to "Tee Up" a Golf Ball

But unfortunately Herman never quite got the hang of swinging a Golf Club down.

Next we drove down to Galveston. With Herman of course.

He liked to watch the waves from the safety of the Jeep.


This happened.....

Seagulls are always annoying. Trying to steal your well planned picnic food. But this time they LITERALLY chased Jacob for about 5-10 minutes and he ran from them.

Here is a small video clip towards the end of the chase.


After Jacob and my In-laws left town Matthew and I went fishing.....with Herman...

Ok, honestly I did think about using Herman as bait.. (guilty face). 
Ok, I still might (sheepish smile).


Now, what's happened since they all left? Are we back to normal?
Not quite...

In all honesty today was my first time back in the gym in about two weeks! (miserable face. I make too many faces don't I?). And to make matters worse this past week I haven't eaten enough and I just look a bit sunken in.
Thankfully muscle memory is REAL! And it doesn't take more than a few weeks to regain strength and volume :)

Oh and I just finished my first week of working full-time. I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be so that's good. But I do need to start adding in more gym-time so we'll see...

Today was Grocery Day!! yes, that's a big deal for us. #adultingishard 

Oh! and I don't know how many of you are "Readers" but if you want a good horse book that has some (a lot) of History you HAVE to read this!

Reading a very cool historical/horse/dressage book + snacking on caramel rice cakes with almond butter, honey, and chia seed sprinkle + Tea = Relaxing

Only thing I'm missing is rain.


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