|| Re-Launch on Etsy! || Give Away!! || And Gym-Time

Hey guys!

Hopefully you all got to take a look at our new 3 piece tack set on Etsy! (pictured above)

So after a rather unsuccessful launch on Etsy last year I'm re-starting it!

This time will be different though....

For starters we have better products this time.

Secondly, we have a plan.
We have plans for an Expanding Product Line, Customer Support/Appreciation, and Monthly Give-Aways!

Our products are styled in Equestrian Elegance. We will be starting with Beaded Browbands, Liberty Necklaces (also known as Horse Necklaces or Rhythm Beads), and Tack Charms. We will sell them in Matching 3 Piece Sets.
Next up, as soon as we get our sewing machine up. We will be making Polo Wraps, Saddle Pads, and an assortment of Bags & Pouches for all your daily needs.
We will also be selling Logo Tee's, Hats and more! Some are already available at: The Gallop To Greatness Logo Tee's

So you mentioned a Give-Away??

Yes, yes I did.....

So The Rules...

*Follow @thegalloptogreatness on Instagram.
** Like & Share This Photo using #TGTGNovemberGiveAway
*** Tag 3 Equestrian Friends!

That's it!

The Winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Winner gets the Browband & Tack Charm in the Picture above.


So how's life?

Pretty decent... 
I finally got to the gym again today :)
We did Back & Bicep which was nice. I really felt it in my back which I love because I always feel my biceps lol.

I noticed something funny though.....

Most girls only work their glutes...

I mean, yeah who doesn't want a nice butt, but (no pun intended lol) their arms are sooooo tiny!!
I don't mean to judge by any means but I like being able to hold my own when it comes to hauling feed bags, hay, and water buckets.
Glutes are great! But why neglect the rest of your body so much... 
Anyone else have an opinion on this?


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