Herman's Guide To Catching A Fish || Meet Finley || Plus My Leg Day Routine For When I'm Exhausted

Ok, so you all probably know Herman by now...
But in case you don't yet..

Today Herman wants to share his top tips for catching a fish.

Step 1 - Select an appropriate size hook.
Just don't hook yourself like Herman did.

 Step 2 - Select a sparkly lure. 
Herman's theory is very much like mine: "If I think it's pretty, use it!"

 Step 3 - Attach hook to line, and lure to hook.
I admit I helped Herman with this one...

 Step 4 - Cast.
Ok, I may of helped him with this too..

Step 5 - After casting all day without any bites, start playing random patterns with your lure and pretending it's a little lost fish running/swimming/screaming for his life in the water. Herman swears by this method.

So I followed Herman's guide and caught my first fish ever!


Also meet Finley!
The most adorable tiny Fox ever!


Alright, so last but not least..... 
My leg day routine for when I'm exhausted...

Truth is, sometimes I'm just waaaaay too exhausted to squat.. (shame face).

But I still want an effective routine that doesn't take forever to finish.. So here is what I do.

* Leg press
* Calf raises
* Leg extensions
* Leg curl
* Hip Abduction

I did a challenging but doable weight for 10-12 reps on the seated leg press machine and worked my way up in weight for 4 sets.

Then on the same machine transitioned over to calf raises. I started at 190lbs and worked my way up to 205lbs for 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

For leg extensions I started at 110lbs and worked my way down to 100lbs for 4 stes of about 7 reps.

Then for leg curl I started at 65lbs and worked my way down to 50lbs for 4 sets of 7-10 reps.

Last but not least I did the hip abduction machine for 4 sets of 10 reps at 85lbs.

**** Notes ****
On the last rep of every set I hold and squeeze for 10 seconds.
(Also called an "Isometric Hold" I will write a post just about that soon!)
Doing that really exhausts and finishes the muscle. Plus it gets you a huge pump! Talk about getting your blood flowing.
For me using this method is very effective and did I mention is pretty quick! Which gets me home and in bed sooner :)


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