Dressage Lessons? || Shop Update || And Styling Our Apartment

So about a week ago I was browsing Craigslist to see what cheapie horses where on the market locally. I know, why do I torture myself by looking at horses online when I have no money?? (facepalm). 
Well I realized the futility of my search early on (thank God!) and decided to search for dressage lessons instead. I figured I wouldn't find any. Especially affordable ones.
I did..
It's well over an hour drive but I decided to contact her. She has worked with some big names in the equestrian industry and doesn't charge much. So I emailed her. A few days later she emailed me back. The correspondence (email and text) has been spotty to say the best but she always apologizes and says how busy things are for her. I know this is true with most trainers.
I'm hoping to get my first lesson in on Sunday (if she gets back to me on time). I know it's a long drive but it may be worth it if it's good quality lessons.
I've been dying for REAL Dressage lessons for years but never could.
If it works out I want to really delve into dressage and work my way up the levels even if I can't show.


Ok, so it's been a while since we talked about my apartment right?

That's because not much has happened. We still only have one chocolate wing-back chair and our pine coffee table, oh and our TV that we mounted to the wall. Our mattress is still on the floor. We use a twin air mattress as a sofa, and a rolled up foam topper as another seat. Yeah it's real "classy" up in here....

We have a plan..

It started off with this.
Which we still LOVE! But those items are all out of our price range.. #thestruggleisreal

So then we went with a cheaper version.
We stuck with this idea for a while. But our apartment is small so we decided it still needed to be cheap/affordable but lighter colors.
So this was born..

But Matthew REALLY wants a sectional sofa. And I wouldn't mind having one with arms...

So we decided on this one.

There are still some updates on this. Those are the bar stools, office chair, and sofa we want. But we want to do a hanging desk.


So now for a shop update.

We have officially begun our venture into making saddle pads.

We have bought the supplies for our first saddle pad!

Featuring lovely autumn colors!

We even have a browband and tack charm to match it..

Its cut out but we aren't done sewing it yet. Keep in mind we are still working out the kinks. This first one won't be perfect but we'll get there. We will finish it by the end of next week though and it should be available on the shop within two weeks.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Stay tuned to hear another epic adventure from Herman!!


  1. Oooh I can't wait to see how it all looks together :D

    1. We just got some new home decor, I will post it soon. Still not much furniture though lol we use an air mattress for a sofa lol


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