Neutrogena's "1, 2, 3, Eye Cream" & "12 Hour Nourishing Makeup" Review

I bought them both on May 20th of 2016. I got them at Walgreens for "Buy one get one half off". 
They cost me about $23.00 for the two of them.

You can find them online at
I had been looking forward to getting these because of the benefits. The eye cream claims to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. And the 12 hour makeup claims to help even skin tone in 4 weeks.

I was apprehensive about them only because I had never used anything like a foundation or eye cream before in my life and was afraid I'd botch it up.
However they were both extremely easy to apply. I applied them with my fingers and they blend wonderfully. 
 They also both felt very nice and super breathable as if you're not wearing anything. That was another one of my concerns.
Another concern was finding the right skin tone. I'm a terrible judge of that. I asked my husband who has no experience with makeup at all of course. And he picked out the shade "Buff" for me. And it matched my skintone perfectly! If a guy can find the right shade then most girls will be able to.
A huge concern of mine regarding any makeup or anything that goes on my skin is how hypoallergenic it is. I do not struggle with acne but a lot of makeup will cause breakouts on me. Neither of these caused any issues and they even felt refreshing!

The 12 hour makeup claims to resist heat and humidity. And in Houston that is a major problem because a 2 minute walk to the car can have you drenched in sweat. So the very first day I wore these products it was in the upper 80's and I went to the gym and horseback riding. I did sweat a good amount but the makeup did not budge, or melt, fade, or get blotchy, or shiny, or anything really. It looked good as new! Even the eye cream that didn't claim to do well in those circumstances was perfectly fine! And they both lasted all day which was more than 12 hours.

So the last test was the test of time.. Would they improve my skin issues over time?
Well they claim to improve your skin in 4 weeks. And they did. However I was dumb and forgot to take before and after pictures lol. So I have a "before" from August 2015 and an "after" from September 2016. In that time I started taking basic care of my face and using these products since May of 2016.

Only wearing eyeshadow and liner here.

No makeup at all. Not even washed yet.

Definitely improved!


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