So Sleepy || In-Law-In-Town || Beach Fail



I worked 8:45am-3:30pm. Then we spent the afternoon getting our apartment cleaned up for Matthews mother who is coming to visit for a few weeks. Unfortunately I was exhausted from work and fell asleep before our work was done but Matthew was a sweatheart and finished it.



I worked from 8:45am- 4pm. My family picked me up from work. Then I raided their fridge and fell asleep lol.
While I was helping my family with some things Matthew was meeting his mom so she could follow him to our apartment. 



I had off. Thank God!! We didn't sleep in that much at all. Once we had some breakfast we went grocery shopping. Pretty much spent the rest of the day blogging lol. Then we had french toast for dinner :D
I felt really restless though. I knew it was because I hadn't worked out in a few days. I needed a workout or two BAD..



I woke up tired and without much time to get ready before we had to leave. I was standing in the kitchen staring off wondering why I dreamt I was a roman soldier?!? But after some coffee and oatmeal I was better. Granted I had bed-head all day....

We went and drove down to Alvin because Matts mom wanted to look at an RV dealership. It was fun. We even got Matthews mother to try her first Shipley's Donut!! :D Then we dropped Matt off at work and went home. But once we were home I realized Matt still had the keys!! So we had to drive all the way back to Sugar Land from Rosenberg and get the keys lol. 

Once home I checked on my blog and realized that something weird happened... Even though I already posted last weeks blog post it showed that it was an unfinished draft so I had to quickly add the photos back and re-publish it. I don't know what happened and I'm sorry if it affected you in any way.

Thankfully I got to workout that night. I did slow motion strength training at the gym where Matt works. He even trained his mom which was great because she really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to do it again.
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Also I forgot to show you my new phone cover from last week!! 

It came with a Stylus!!



I worked 8:45-4pm. Then we went night swimming at the pool.



We slept in and then I met my mom down the road from where I work to get our nails done.

It's not my first choice or even my second but they were out of those so I got the Sapphire-esque one.



I actually had off lol. So we went to the beach and well.... it was a bit of a flop. Fun still. 
We played made up games lol.

I took a random photo of my beach bun and Matt.

Oh! and I have to tell you about this..

So the night before while I was at work Matt and his mom went to get beach chairs. He asked what color I wanted and I said grey or teal but anything not black. And when he went to the store all they had was black so he got me that little chair lol.

Like I said it was a bit of an adventure because the day was not what we wanted. And everything that could go wrong did. An adventure??? 
First off it was cloudy, second it was windy. Then the umbrella Matt's mom bought broke as soon as we tried to use it. Then let's see... lot's of little things that went wrong too. It all added up and made Matt who tried so hard to make the trip perfect for his moms first Galveston experience just feel defeated. Poor guy :(  But we went home and relaxed and had a good night.



  1. Sounds like a great week despite some setbacks!!

    1. Yes, it was lol :) I always try to stay positive


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