Food Coma || New Max Weights! || And Shutting Down....

7/24/2016 - 7/30/2016

I worked from 8:45am-3pm. In the evening my brothers came over to play video games with Matthew. While the boys played me and a friend (same friend from last weeks post) went to the gym.
We did back and bicep. I started on compound row and lat pull-down. Then we did assisted wide pull ups. Oh dear lord! Those were amazing! I can do normal pull ups but the assistance helps me get more than just 2 sets. Plus I can go nice and slow, controlled reps. I was so sore from these the next two days :D
After those I did hammer curls, preacher curl, and finally regular bicep curls with a bar.

After such a fantastic workout we went back to my apartment where the boys were still playing and we all watched Batman VS Superman. It was ok. Not my favourite movie by any means..

After the movie my friend left and I think the boys stayed up till 3am playing video games. I fell asleep around 1:30am.


I was totally out of it. Sore as could be. Slept in till 8 or 9am. Had a light breakfast. Too light. I'm used to a huge breakfast so just a 200kcal breakfast didn't cut it. I was feeling sick-ish by the time we got to my parents house at 11am and I devoured their fridge lol.
I literally had 3 full meals in an hour (guilty face)
Then with the understandable food coma I was in fell asleep for an hour and a half. Woke up with the *What just happened??* face.


Me and Matt went to the gym. He did biceps. I did legs.

I started with squats as usual and did 42.5lbs on each side!! That's 5-10lbs more than usual and almost a full 45 lbs! I CANNOT WAIT till I graduate to one 45lb plate on each side!
Then I moved onto romanian deadlifts. Doing another extra 5 lbs on those. And then calf raises. And then I started leg extensions on my latest max of 120 lbs and increased my max to 125 lbs for 2 sets of 4 reps before having to lower it again :D Finished off on weighted kickbacks.


My back was sooooo sore all day. I don't really know why though. Maybe I slept weird. Maybe I went to heavy on squats (although it felt good at the time). Maybe I tweaked it on deadlifts. Or maybe it's just sore..

We had turkey bacon and french toast for breakfast. With coffee of course! And oatmeal with chia seed meal for me :) 
Then it was off to the gym!
We did shoulders and abs. Matt had me try a few new things and I loved them! While doing one of them (these crossed cable rows of some kind lol) Matt was standing behind me and I hear him say "WOW!" What?? I asked kinda nervous.."I can see all the striations in your back!" Oh.. Good.. I guess.
Then he showed me some pics he sneaked in..

"WOW!" was right. I had no clue I looked like that. I thought I only had half of that. I mean I'd like some more mass But the muscle and definition IS there.

After the gym we had a HUGE salad and then I worked from 3pm-10:30pm.


Afternoon was different.. because A.) I had a burger at a gas station restaurant. You know those little small town type of things. And yes, I ate a whole burger. I had been wanting one for a while. Not craving. Just *kinda* wanting one. And our friends said this place had good ones so I decided to try one. It was good. I ate the whole thing. But it didn't feel good later. Just bloated.
Later me and the same friend from before went to the gym together again. This time though I knew I had to take it easy on my back since it still wasn't feeling good. So I knew squats, deadlifts, and leg press were out of the question. So we did lunges. Which took some getting used to because I haven't done them in forever. We did some other stuff too. But neither of us had ever done any of it before so it was very awkward.
Now, I'm an introvert. So being around people is exhausting. And the gym was packed. That on top of socializing with friends all day (I mean don't get me wrong. I loved being with friends but I also need time away from people) was overwhelming and while at the gym (surrounded by people) I started shutting down. I was fine. Just got quiet. Kept working though. My friend however perceived I wasn't ok. She's good at that lol. I told her I was just having an "introvert moment" which she understands.

All I wanted to do was go home. We finished our workout and I went home. My confidence felt shattered. I felt overwhelmed. And unwanted. It's one of those times I struggle to make sense of myself. Poor Matthew, the guy just wanted to know what's wrong and I don't know but it feels like everything lol.
Needless to say it wasn't a great night. And the next morning wasn't either.


The morning started off ok. But then all those feelings from the afternoon before came back. Having nightmares the past two nights didn't help get me off on the right foot either. But I barely kept it together and worked from 8:45am-4pm. By then I was feeling a bit better.


I worked 7:45am-2pm and then came home and ate. And then fell asleep for two hours :( I mean I guess I needed the sleep but I HATE taking naps. I was so out of it when I woke up at 6:30. Plus I still had a lot of stuff to do.
One of those many things to accomplish was the gym. So there I was half asleep for chest, tricep, and abs. We started on regular bench press, then did inclined bench press. It was my first time doing incline and I really enjoyed it.
After that we did some stuff on the cables for chest and tricep and then I ended on cable crunches, weighted crunches, and leg raises.

Sorry this post is so late but it has been crazy busy couple of weeks.



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