I'm So Fancy||Time For Tea||And The Beach!

I worked 8:45am-3pm. It was a boring day.


I worked 8:45am-6:30pm. Another boring day lol.


I worked from 8:45am-6pm. Then we went to the gym and I did a quick quads and calves workout. The gym was super busy and I was tired so I didn't get to do a lot. I decided to split my lower body workouts into one day of focusing on quads and calves and one day of focusing more on glutes and hamstrings. We'll see how it goes.


In the morning we went to the gym and did chest, triceps, and abs. And boy oh boy did my abs work!
After that we stopped at a farm just down the road from us (2.5 miles) and spoke to the manager and looked around. It's small, very low key, but it felt like home! 

Then I worked from 3:30pm-11pm. My coworker that offered me her mare is finally back in town (the wait nearly killed me lol) so I talked to her. It's an Appaloosa Thoroughbred cross. Her name is Fancy. She is 15.3-ish hands tall. Totally trained just needs a refresher. Has some knee action (good if we want to event/dressage), is super smooth and floaty (thank goodness!). Anyone can ride her (perfect for Matt to learn). Soft mouth, not overly sensitive to leg.
So I told my coworker we would take her in Septmeber once we have our Jeep fixed.
Matthew and I had gone over our finances and agreed that after fixing our vehicle over the next month or so (it needs a lot of work) we would afford the mare and board her at the stable just down the road.


We slept in till almost 10am :)
Then I had the task of figureing out how to post last weeks entry on a computer that doesn't run on all 4 legs if you know what I mean..
I finally figured it out though. Sorry it's not the best quality cover photo.
I wanted to go to the gym but Matt was too tired :(

Morning at 6:30 am I woke up with a TERRIBLE! pain in my lower left abdomen. I've had this pain before. Last time was 3 months ago and I nearly passed out from it. It happens every few months or so. Sometimes 3 months, sometimes 6 months. It lasts at least a few hours. Sometimes for 2 or 3 days. It's pretty constant but also comes in waves. I don't have a low pain tolerance but I won't say it's high either. I'd say normal. I will talk to a doctor about it next time I see one. Probably soon because my Inhaler is almost empty.

An hour later my mom called and asked if we could run some errands for her at 11am since her car was in the shop. So we scurried out of bed and went out for breakfast.
We tried a nice little mexican returaunt down the road. I know, mexican food for breakfast? Yes! 
It felt like home. I wasn't so sure what a gordita (not taco bell stuff) was so I ordered two lol.
It was a thick tortilla (almost like a pita bread) but fried. It tasted like my families Chilean sopapilla's ;) So it brought back soooo many good memories of us all having a great time laughing and cooking and listening to loud music in the kitchen :)
Anyways, back to the gordita's. They were filled with egg and refried beans and ham and were delicious! And super filling!

After that I got my nails refilled :)

Tada! Very Opal-esque...
Matt chose the color because it looks like opal and he looooves opal lol.
Yes, I let him choose the color this time. Next time I'm getting Astro's colors ;)

Then we went to my moms rescue and Matt went to work. I stayed with my mom to help host a small tea party she was having with some friends. It was fun. The food was great! The tea helped sooth my pain. Win Win :)
Once we had cleaned everything up from the party Matthew joined us after he got off work to eat dinner.


At 11am we went to see our future mare Fancy. She is quite fat. Like she looks like she could be pregnant lol. She's a goofy goober so she'll fit right in with us lol. She loves to suck on our fingers like a baby haha. Her movement is AMAZING! Very comy to ride. Very well trained. In fact I have to figure out how to ride a finished horse again lol. 
Her movement reminds me of a Lusitano or an Andalusian. You know how when they trot their feet kinda flare out through the step? Well Fancy has that too! 
Matthew loved her :) We will be going to see her a few more times before we pick her up in September

Meet Fancy

Here is a short clip of me just walking her around.

After that we drove down to Galveston.

I was impersonating a Lion King scene here.. lol
Excuse my little bit of tummy. I'm bulking so it's not exactly "flat" lol.

The epic shell.. LOL how dramatic right??

Well that's all from us for this week. See you next week!


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